BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
19.1docs: add release notes for 19.1.8Juan A. Suarez Romero3 months
19.2docs/relnotes/19.2.8: Add SHA256 sumDylan Baker5 weeks
19.3docs: add SHA256 sums for 19.3.2Dylan Baker13 days
2260-v3d-race-condition-when-building-19-2llvmpipe: switch to NIR by defaultDave Airlie5 weeks
android-radeonsi-build-fixandroid: radeonsi: fix build after vl refactoring (v2)Mauro Rossi7 weeks
masterturnip: Add support for non-zero (still constant) UBO buffer indices.Eric Anholt8 hours
staging/19.1intel/common: include unistd.h for ioctl() prototype on SolarisAlan Coopersmith3 months
staging/19.2mesa: avoid triggering assert in implementationLionel Landwerlin5 weeks
staging/19.3radeonsi: disable display DCCPierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer14 hours
wip/tgl-depth-bounds-testanv: Add support for depth bounds testing.Plamena Manolova3 months
mesa-19.3.2mesa-19.3.2.tar.gz  Dylan Baker13 days
mesa-19.2.8mesa-19.2.8.tar.gz  Dylan Baker5 weeks
mesa-19.3.1mesa-19.3.1.tar.gz  Dylan Baker5 weeks
mesa-19.3.0mesa-19.3.0.tar.gz  Dylan Baker6 weeks
mesa-19.2.7mesa-19.2.7.tar.gz  Dylan Baker7 weeks
mesa-19.3.0-rc6mesa-19.3.0-rc6.tar.gz  Dylan Baker7 weeks
mesa-19.3.0-rc5mesa-19.3.0-rc5.tar.gz  Dylan Baker8 weeks
mesa-19.2.6mesa-19.2.6.tar.gz  Dylan Baker2 months
mesa-19.3.0-rc4mesa-19.3.0-rc4.tar.gz  Dylan Baker2 months
mesa-19.2.5mesa-19.2.5.tar.gz  Dylan Baker2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
8 hoursturnip: Add support for non-zero (still constant) UBO buffer indices.HEADmasterEric Anholt1-2/+3
9 hoursturnip: fix array/matrix varyingsJonathan Marek1-2/+2
9 hoursturnip: remove tu_sort_variables_by_locationJonathan Marek1-48/+0
9 hoursfreedreno/ir3: allow inputs with the same locationJonathan Marek1-9/+17
10 hoursgitlab-ci: Skip ext_timer_query/time-elapsedMatt Turner2-3/+3
10 hoursintel/compiler: Test compaction on Gen <= 12Matt Turner1-1/+1
10 hoursintel/compiler: Validate fuzzed instructionsMatt Turner3-1/+7
10 hoursintel/compiler: Add unit tests for new EU validation checksMatt Turner1-0/+396
10 hoursintel/compiler: Validate some instruction word encodingsMatt Turner1-10/+84
10 hoursintel/compiler: Factor out brw_validate_instruction()Matt Turner1-26/+35