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* [core] make RunLoop::schedule publicIvo van Dongen2017-08-091-6/+6
* [core] Removed unused methodsThiago Marcos P. Santos2017-06-261-9/+0
* [tidy] modernize-use-usingBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-05-121-1/+1
* [core] extract weak_ptr mailbox->receive into Mailbox::maybeReceiveMike Morris2016-10-201-3/+1
* [core] Use an actor model for tile worker concurrencyJohn Firebaugh2016-09-161-2/+13
* [core] Rework invokeWithCallback so that the callback is lastJohn Firebaugh2016-09-081-3/+3
* [core] Extract WorkTaskImpl from run_loop.hppJohn Firebaugh2016-09-081-83/+5
* [core] Revert workaround for std::atomic on ARMv5Thiago Marcos P. Santos2016-07-131-5/+5
* [android] #5254 - fix ARMv5 supportThiago Marcos P. Santos2016-06-061-5/+5
* [core] use #pragma once instead of ifdef include guardsKonstantin Käfer2016-05-251-4/+1
* [android] Introduce RunLoop based on LooperThiago Marcos P. Santos2016-04-061-1/+2
* [core] Unify FileRequest and WorkRequestJohn Firebaugh2016-03-241-2/+2
* [core] Remove RunLoop::{ref,unref}John Firebaugh2016-02-161-3/+0
* [core] destruct WorkTask data before calling the callbackKonstantin Käfer2016-01-281-1/+1
* [core] Add ref counting to the main loopThiago Marcos P. Santos2016-01-201-0/+3
* [core] add std::move to constructorsKonstantin Käfer2015-12-031-1/+1
* [core] add namespace comment to closing braceKonstantin Käfer2015-12-031-2/+2
* [core] Removed libuv dependency from HTTPCurl*Thiago Marcos P. Santos2015-12-011-0/+14
* [core] Expose fewer RunLoop implementation details in headerJohn Firebaugh2015-12-011-16/+7
* [core] Merge uv_detail.hpp into uv.hppJohn Firebaugh2015-12-011-1/+1
* [core] Abstract main loop inside RunLoop classThiago Marcos P. Santos2015-12-011-12/+33
* [core] Do not pass uv_loop_t aroundThiago Marcos P. Santos2015-11-161-0/+159