BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
4.1Compile fix for Qt 5.9hjk2 years
4.10QmlDesigner: Check complete type hierarchy for hintsThomas Hartmann3 days
4.2Make compilable with 5.11hjk16 months
4.4Adapt Qbs submodule URLEike Ziller21 months
4.5Add changes file for 4.5.2Eike Ziller18 months
4.6Update danish (da) translation for Qt Creator 4.6scootergrisen14 months
4.7Help: fix calling QDesktopServices::openUrl when opening about:blankDavid Schulz10 months
4.8fix Gamepad import casingFrederik Schwarzer6 months
4.9Re-fix QtCore resource path changing and prepare for Qt 5.13Thiago Macieira2 months
masterDebugger: Inline rarely used convienience functionhjk3 days
qds/v1.3.0qds/v1.3.0.tar.gz  Thomas Hartmann12 days
v4.10.0qt-creator-4.10.0.tar.gz  Eike Ziller3 weeks
qds/v1.3.0-rc1qds/v1.3.0-rc1.tar.gz  Thomas Hartmann3 weeks
qds/v1.3.0-beta1qds/v1.3.0-beta1.tar.gz  Thomas Hartmann6 weeks
v4.10.0-rc1qt-creator-4.10.0-rc1.tar.gz  Eike Ziller7 weeks
v4.9.2qt-creator-4.9.2.tar.gz  Eike Ziller3 months
v4.10.0-beta2qt-creator-4.10.0-beta2.tar.gz  Eike Ziller3 months
v4.10.0-beta1qt-creator-4.10.0-beta1.tar.gz  Eike Ziller3 months
qds/v1.2.0qds/v1.2.0.tar.gz  Thomas Hartmann4 months
v4.9.1qt-creator-4.9.1.tar.gz  Eike Ziller4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 daysDebugger: Inline rarely used convienience functionHEADmasterhjk4-8/+4
3 daysHelp/litehtml: Keep top element visible when resizingEike Ziller1-0/+32
3 daysHelp/litehtml: Fix litehtml build on Windows and with GCC 5.3Eike Ziller3-8/+18
3 daysQmlDesigner Gradient Preset Dialog UX improvementsAleksei German1-40/+163
3 daysDebugger: Do not forget perspective layouts on unused perspectiveshjk2-126/+114
3 daysDoc: Describe new build optionsLeena Miettinen1-2/+13
3 daysCMake: Fix typoOrgad Shaneh1-4/+4
3 daysHelp: Fix buildOrgad Shaneh1-0/+4
3 daysLanguageClient: always reset code assistant providersDavid Schulz1-9/+3
3 daysHelp: Add litehtml as submodule and optionally use thatEike Ziller6-8/+65