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* updated debug with decoded namesHEADmasterMarcus Meissner4 days1-243/+242
* add names to valuesMarcus Meissner4 days1-34/+34
* added bisonMarcus Meissner6 days1-1/+1
* adde flexMarcus Meissner6 days1-1/+1
* more packages by default ...Marcus Meissner6 days1-1/+1
* sudo for apt-getMarcus Meissner6 days1-1/+1
* apt-get install autopointMarcus Meissner6 days1-0/+2
* autoreconf itMarcus Meissner6 days1-0/+2
* added github action make / mak checkMarcus Meissner7 days1-0/+23
* Revert "also test for usbscsi, usbdiskdirect and serial"Marcus Meissner7 days2-104/+88
* added d5300 debugMarcus Meissner7 days1-0/+202
* Merge pull request #512 from Sija/fix-typosMarcus Meissner7 days114-229/+229
| * Fix typos throughout the codebaseSijawusz Pur Rahnama7 days114-229/+229
* Merge pull request #511 from yurchor/typo_fixMarcus Meissner7 days14-19/+19
| * Fix minor typosYuri Chornoivan7 days14-19/+19
* olympusMarcus Meissner8 days1-0/+4
* wait_for_event always used 65 seconds timeout for Olympus ... not the passed ...Marcus Meissner8 days1-3/+5
* devel snapshotMarcus Meissner8 days2-1/+3
* 2.5.25 releasev2.5.25libgphoto2-2_5_25-releaseMarcus Meissner8 days2-3/+4
* sync from libmtpMarcus Meissner8 days1-2/+15
* print out more event codes as debugMarcus Meissner8 days1-24/+78
* added d5100 debugged opcodesMarcus Meissner8 days1-172/+172
* also add xlen 0 condition to eos readerMarcus Meissner8 days1-0/+4
* if the partialobject loop does not make progress (xlen = 0), leave itMarcus Meissner8 days1-0/+4
* updated newsMarcus Meissner8 days1-2/+25
* updated swedishSebastian Rasmussen8 days1-52/+52
* refetch storage ids after switching olympus to pc mode... lets see if this he...Marcus Meissner8 days1-3/+18
* added some potential reverse engineered olympus opcodesMarcus Meissner9 days1-0/+39
* translate all known PTP errors into stringsMarcus Meissner9 days1-20/+56
* added note for x-t30, and adjusted x-t4Marcus Meissner9 days1-2/+3
* replaced olympus event names by olympus capture ones, added some cases, remov...Marcus Meissner9 days2-54/+40
* Nikon D780 can do 900 seconds exposure, so extend nikon exposure timeout to 1...Marcus Meissner10 days3-3/+5
* added wbpreset comments 1-6Marcus Meissner10 days1-0/+6
* added z67 iso auto shutterspeedsMarcus Meissner10 days1-2/+60
* added Fujni GFX 50 S with previewMarcus Meissner10 days1-1/+1
* adda shutterspeed override list for Fuji XT-2Marcus Meissner10 days1-6/+82
* 2020 copyrightMarcus Meissner10 days3-3/+3
* debug print deviceinfo before and after deviceinfo fixupMarcus Meissner10 days1-0/+3
* updated EOS timeout freom 60 to 90 seconds.Marcus Meissner10 days1-2/+5
* on detecting unknown fuji, set usb vendorMarcus Meissner10 days1-0/+2
* Merge pull request #508 from willat8/masterMarcus Meissner11 days1-2/+10
| * lumix: check req_acc return valueWilliam Wilhelm11 days1-2/+10
* first news notesMarcus Meissner11 days1-0/+10
* moved 0954 camera to correct sort orderMarcus Meissner11 days1-3/+3
* Merge pull request #507 from trylle/masterMarcus Meissner11 days1-3/+0
| * Remove duplicate Sony A7s entry with reduced functionalityFrits Talbot11 days1-3/+0
* | added c102 as new olympus objectadded event, and c101 as captgure completeMarcus Meissner11 days2-1/+12
* | added c102 as new olympus objectadded eventMarcus Meissner11 days2-0/+3
* | added z6 values for bracket patternsMarcus Meissner11 days1-0/+2
* | added ae , wb and adl bracketing parameters for nikonMarcus Meissner11 days1-6/+34