BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
factory-oak-8182.Bfutility: Include libzip properlyHung-Te Lin6 weeks
firmware-mistral-12422.Bvboot: remove unused and deprecated vboot1 error codesJoel Kitching5 weeks
firmware-strago-7287.BRevert "Kefka: Fix link test error for VbExEcEnteringMode"Daisuke Nojiri7 weeks
masterfutility/updater: Check that image exists before digging into itPatrick Georgi5 days Update kern_b_hash to support SHA256Julius Werner7 weeks
release-R78-12499.Bfutility/updater: Check that image exists before digging into itPatrick Georgi5 days
stabilize-12428.Bvboot: vb2_shared_data offsets should hang off parentJoel Kitching4 weeks
stabilize-12441.Bvboot_reference: Fix building with fuzzer builds.Manoj Gupta4 weeks
stabilize-12464.Bcgpt: show: add some sanity checking to -i flagsMike Frysinger2 weeks
stabilize-kernelnext-broadwell-12434.Btests: Add array bounds checkJacob Garber4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
5 daysfutility/updater: Check that image exists before digging into itHEADrelease-R78-12499.BmasterPatrick Georgi1-0/+5
6 allow signing MP images.LaMont Jones1-8/+9
8 daysUse bfd as the linker to build vboot_reference.Manoj Gupta1-1/+2
10 daysvboot/secdata: rename rollback_index to secdata_tpmJoel Kitching22-69/+35
10 daysvboot/secdata: remove TPMClearAndReenable function mockJoel Kitching1-6/+0
10 daysvboot/secdata: fix up macros in rollback_index.cJoel Kitching1-10/+6
10 daysvboot: no need to compile C++ files in MakefileJoel Kitching1-5/+0
10 daysvboot: various Makefile cleanupsJoel Kitching1-66/+25
10 daystests: Ensure string is null-terminatedJacob Garber1-2/+6
10 dayscrossystem: Add TGL GPIO Chip IDSrinidhi N Kaushik1-0/+1