BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
factory-excelsior-12812.Bvboot: fix up some host key functions for host_key2.cJoel Kitching5 weeks
factory-fizz-10167.Bvboot: introduce get_gbb_flags.shRuben Rodriguez Buchillon4 weeks
factory-octopus-11512.Bfutility: updater: Use model name as default whitelabel signatureHung-Te Lin5 weeks
firmware-hatch-12672.Bfutility: updater: move system-related utility functions to updater_utilsHung-Te Lin3 weeks
firmware-kukui-12573.BMakefile: Make loop unrolling fully controllable by the callerJulius Werner8 weeks
firmware-servo-12768.Bvboot: remove unused 2nvstorage_fields.h from vb2_api.hJoel Kitching6 weeks
master2lib: Fix struct vb2_hash the way it was meant to beJulius Werner32 hours
release-R80-12739.Bfutility: updater: override signature id for phaser360Paul Ma3 weeks
stabilize-12748.Blib/subprocess: style updatesJack Rosenthal7 weeks
stabilize-12859.BEnable format string warnings for vb2ex_printf()Julius Werner4 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
32 hours2lib: Fix struct vb2_hash the way it was meant to beHEADmasterJulius Werner3-17/+38
4 daysEnable format string warnings for vb2ex_printf()stabilize-12859.BJulius Werner7-18/+19
5 dayskeygeneration: add helper for generating update payload keysMike Frysinger1-0/+8
5 daysvb2_sha_api_tests: Silence UBSAN warning for zero length array accessJulius Werner1-1/+4
6 daysvboot: convert several vboot1 flags to vboot2Joel Kitching3-16/+14
7 daysvboot: remove secdata TPM backend codeJoel Kitching23-1078/+89
7 dayscrossystem: Add support for JSL gpiochipUsha P1-0/+1
8 daysvboot: translate recovery reason info from vboot 2->1Joel Kitching3-13/+18
9 daysfutility: updater: Add '--servo' for updating via Servo-V2 and ServoMicroHung-Te Lin3-0/+69
9 daysvboot: Set VBSD_EC_SOFTWARE_SYNC flag in vbootYu-Ping Wu2-6/+6