BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cr50_stabcapitalize enum tpm_read_rv and tpm_write_rvNamyoon Woo18 hours
factory-hatch-12692.Bflash_fp_mcu: Fix spidev flakinessCraig Hesling12 days
firmware-fizz-10139.BFizz: add fan table for excelsiorJeff Chase9 days
firmware-fpmcu-bloonchipper-releaseMerge commit 'b1743225b' into firmware-fpmcu-bloonchipper-releaseTom Hughes4 days
firmware-hatch-12672.Bjinlon: Increase CONFIG_POWER_BUTTON_INIT_TIMEOUTDevin Lu23 hours
firmware-kukui-12573.BJuniper: Change LED control to GPIODavid Huang2 days
firmware-octopus-11297.Bchgramp: Don't ramp DTS suppliers above advertisementAseda Aboagye4 days
firmware-servo-12768.B-masterservo: Adds logging of panic info to USB consoleBrian J. Nemec2 weeks
masterps8xxx: Only apply PS8751 DRP disabled CC status workaround to PS8751.Matthew Blecker14 hours
release-R81-12871.B-mastercommon: mag_cal: Re-add bias inversionGwendal Grignou10 days
v2.3.0chrome-ec-2.3.0.tar.gz  Vadim Bendebury17 months
v2.2.0chrome-ec-2.2.0.tar.gz  Vadim Bendebury17 months
v2.1.0chrome-ec-2.1.0.tar.gz  Vadim Bendebury17 months
v2.0.0chrome-ec-2.0.0.tar.gz  Vadim Bendebury17 months
cr50_v4.5cr50_v4.5.tar.gz  Vadim Bendebury22 months
cr50_v3.4cr50_v3.4.tar.gz  Vadim Bendebury22 months
cr50_v4.4cr50_v4.4.tar.gz  Vadim Bendebury22 months
v1.9308_87_mpchrome-ec-1.9308_87_mp.tar.gz  Vadim Bendebury24 months
v1.11.0chrome-ec-1.11.0.tar.gz  Vincent Palatin2 years
v1.9308_24_B.0chrome-ec-1.9308_24_B.0.tar.gz  Vadim Bendebury2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
14 hoursps8xxx: Only apply PS8751 DRP disabled CC status workaround to PS8751.HEADmasterMatthew Blecker1-18/+24
16 hoursdedede: Configure EN_VCCST as inputAseda Aboagye2-2/+4
17 hoursTCPMV1/2: Make the PD Config Flags more consistentSam Hurst54-40/+138
18 hoursutil: convert to Python 3Jack Rosenthal1-18/+28
24 hoursjinlon: Increase CONFIG_POWER_BUTTON_INIT_TIMEOUTDevin Lu1-0/+7
33 hourspower/common: Add board specific API for 5V controlAseda Aboagye2-5/+19
33 hoursdedede: Set pullup on PG_PP1050_ST_OD only after RSMRSTAseda Aboagye3-1/+19
33 hoursintel_x86: Add CONFIG_BOARD_HAS_AFTER_RSMRSTAseda Aboagye3-0/+20
33 hoursraa489000: Utilize VBUS auto dischargeAseda Aboagye1-2/+7
33 hoursTCPMv2: Notify system when entering attached stateAseda Aboagye1-1/+10