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* dhcp/nettools: round time difference when calculating the lease lifetimeHEADmasterThomas Haller18 hours1-1/+1
* shared/trivial: rename _nm_g_slice_free_fcn1() macro to nm_g_slice_free_fcn1()Thomas Haller21 hours1-4/+4
* contrib/rpm: "Suggest" wpa_supplicant for NetworkManager-wifi packageThomas Haller21 hours1-0/+1
* wifi/p2p: fix crash due to invalid signal handler supplicant_group_iface_grou...Thomas Haller21 hours1-0/+1
* core: merge branch 'th/check-have-connection-for-auto-default'Thomas Haller21 hours1-36/+4
| * settings: drop redundant check from have_connection_for_device()Thomas Haller21 hours1-6/+0
| * settings: shortcut check for whether to create auto-default wired connectionThomas Haller21 hours1-1/+2
| * core: fix wrongly generating "Wired connection 1" (auto-default) for ethernet...Thomas Haller21 hours1-30/+3
* bluez: merge branch 'th/bluez-rework-2'Thomas Haller22 hours54-2889/+4911
| * bluetooth: refactor BlueZ handling and let NMBluezManager cache ObjectManager...Thomas Haller22 hours26-2813/+4296
| * bluetooth/tests: add "nm-bt-test helper" program for manual testing of blueto...Thomas Haller43 hours3-13/+88
| * man: add examples how to configure bluetooth devices to `man nmcli-examples`.Thomas Haller43 hours1-0/+22
| * wwan: simplify API of nm_modem_act_stage2_config() to never failThomas Haller43 hours4-32/+7
| * wwan: add nm_modem_manager_get_modems() to iterate over modemsThomas Haller43 hours3-0/+18
| * wwan: mark modems that are taken by a NMDevice as "claimed"Thomas Haller43 hours6-12/+70
| * core: extend nm_shutdown_wait_obj_*() to support notification via a GCancellableThomas Haller43 hours5-12/+66
| * core: add and use NM_MANAGER_GET macroThomas Haller43 hours10-16/+17
| * shared: add more nm_dbus_connection_call_*() and nm_dbus_connection_signal_su...Thomas Haller43 hours2-5/+287
| * shared,all: add and use DBUS_INTERFACE_OBJECT_MANAGER defineThomas Haller43 hours4-3/+5
| * shared: add nm_utils_hash_values_to_array() helperThomas Haller43 hours2-0/+43
| * shared: add nm_auto_remove_source cleanup macroThomas Haller43 hours1-0/+3
| * shared: add nm_auto_unref_io_channel cleanup macroThomas Haller43 hours1-0/+3
| * shared: support nm_g_slice_free_fcn() for sizes of 32 bytesThomas Haller43 hours1-1/+4
* libnm/test: add unit test with consistency checks about NMSetting type infoThomas Haller3 days3-0/+166
* libnm: merge branch 'th/libnm-dbus-rework-1'Thomas Haller3 days10-116/+275
| * libnm: drop unused property setter NM_DEVICE_MANAGEDThomas Haller3 days1-5/+0
| * libnm: inline NMManager's get_permissions_sync()Thomas Haller3 days1-24/+10
| * libnm: drop _nm_dbus_is_connection_private()Thomas Haller3 days3-24/+3
| * libnm: drop nm_dbus_new_connection() helper APIThomas Haller3 days3-63/+6
| * shared: add NMRefStringThomas Haller3 days4-0/+242
| * shared: add nm_auto_unlock_g_mutex and NM_G_MUTEX_LOCKED() helper macrosThomas Haller3 days1-0/+14
* wifi: fix the supplicant config testLubomir Rintel4 days1-2/+2
* tui: wifi: support WPA3-Personal (SAE)Beniamino Galvani4 days2-0/+11
* libnm-core: support SAE when determining AP compatibilityBeniamino Galvani4 days1-1/+6
* wifi: roam more aggressivelyKristian Klausen4 days1-1/+1
* introspection: fix documentation for Wimax(Hardware)?EnabledLubomir Rintel4 days1-3/+4
* cli: add kill switch indication to "nmcli" outputLubomir Rintel4 days4-0/+45
* Merge branch 'bg/dhcp-keep'Beniamino Galvani6 days2-11/+31
| * device: keep client running after activation failureBeniamino Galvani6 days1-8/+16
| * device: accept lease only after addresses are configuredBeniamino Galvani6 days1-2/+14
| * n-dhcp4: arm timers in bound stateBeniamino Galvani6 days1-1/+1
* merge: branch 'bg/cli-general-reload'Beniamino Galvani7 days14-29/+359
| * cli: add 'general reload' commandBeniamino Galvani7 days1-0/+97
| * cli: don't create a NMClient for the 'connection reload' commandBeniamino Galvani7 days3-4/+65
| * libnm: add nm_client_reload()Beniamino Galvani7 days5-0/+162
| * libnm: export reload flagsBeniamino Galvani7 days5-24/+34
| * systemd: use busctl instead of dbus-sendBeniamino Galvani7 days1-1/+1
* supplicant: add FT-SAE key-mgmt to verification listBeniamino Galvani8 days1-1/+1
* merge: branch 'fg/nettools_dhcp_options_II'Francesco Giudici11 days4-162/+135
| * dhcp: nettools: drop useless "options" GHashTable checksFrancesco Giudici11 days1-8/+5