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* Add --json flag to list commandRichard Ipsum2015-09-231-3/+14
* Check multiple locations for extlinux.confbaserock/james/add_boot_deviceJames Thomas2014-11-201-2/+13
* Support booting from a different partition using BOOT_DEVICEJames Thomas2014-11-201-20/+38
* Make system-version-manager show running and default systemsPaul Sherwood2014-09-251-1/+7
* Add support for device treesbaserock/james/jetson_updateJames Thomas2014-07-241-0/+19
* Don't treat the lack of a menu.c32 file as a serious errorJames Thomas2014-07-241-4/+11
* Generate extlinux.conf using deployment options from /baserock/deployment.metaRichard Maw2014-06-161-5/+52
* Actually use atomic_symlink_update for somethingRichard Maw2014-06-161-3/+1
* Use fd from mkstemp to create file object, rather than pathRichard Maw2014-06-161-2/+1
* Fix spaces between function name and parametersRichard Maw2014-06-161-2/+2
* system-version-manager: Allow specifying custom path for baserock-system-conf...baserock/pedroalvarez/trove-upgrades-rebase2Sam Thursfield2014-03-061-1/+5
* Add script to modify the bootloader and manage different parallel OS.Pedro Alvarez2014-03-061-0/+314