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+# With the addition of Keystone, to use an openstack cloud you should
+# authenticate against keystone, which returns a **Token** and **Service
+# Catalog**. The catalog contains the endpoint for all services the
+# user/tenant has access to - including nova, glance, keystone, swift.
+# *NOTE*: Using the 2.0 *auth api* does not mean that compute api is 2.0. We
+# will use the 1.1 *compute api*
+export OS_AUTH_URL=<os-auth-url>
+# With the addition of Keystone we have standardized on the term **tenant**
+# as the entity that owns the resources.
+export OS_TENANT_ID=<os-tenant-id>
+export OS_TENANT_NAME="<os-tenant>"
+# In addition to the owning entity (tenant), openstack stores the entity
+# performing the action as the **user**.
+export OS_USERNAME="<os-user>"
+# With Keystone you pass the keystone password.
+export OS_PASSWORD="<os-pass>"