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This is made by a conversion made in commit 8f8992a18d55c3abf28d4b6fc8036bd39d3dc1cf of definitions Check there to know what exact versions of YBD and defs2bst was used
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+kind: stack
+description: |-
+ We need to split this so we can build stuff using coreutils but we can not
+ having it in the final systems (for example in genivi ones that do not
+ accept GPLv3 code)
+- coreutils-common/coreutils.bst
+- coreutils-common/sed.bst
+- coreutils-common/diff.bst
+- coreutils-common/tar.bst
+- coreutils-common/findutils.bst
+- coreutils-common/less.bst
+- coreutils-common/jq.bst