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Update to build with BuildStream 1.0.1
We were previously building with an old 0.x version. This requires a fix to how we import the 'x86image' plugin from the bst-external plugins repo. It also requires a couple of fixes to elements which need to add things to the CMake configure commandline. These should use the new 'cmake-local' variable rather than overriding the configure-commands as a whole; the builds of these elements were breaking because the default commands changed upstream to expect out-of-tree builds.
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diff --git a/elements/bluetooth/libical.bst b/elements/bluetooth/libical.bst
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--- a/elements/bluetooth/libical.bst
+++ b/elements/bluetooth/libical.bst
@@ -7,6 +7,5 @@ sources:
url: upstream:libical-git
track: v2.0.0
ref: 6c4af23b0a95fd105f38e879908cbc80390f3716
- configure-commands:
+ cmake-local: '-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release '