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authorRichard Maw <>2015-03-20 14:34:20 (GMT)
committerRichard Maw <>2015-03-23 22:58:56 (GMT)
commit1827c6de25c939301d2d7d3415711b65ad1f0ffe (patch)
parent0ef6717485346ba96da00c2d434569ef972fd385 (diff)
Tidy up some nova service enablement
1 files changed, 6 insertions, 23 deletions
diff --git a/openstack/usr/share/openstack/openstack-nova-setup b/openstack/usr/share/openstack/openstack-nova-setup
index 1a93a1b..2fdd360 100644
--- a/openstack/usr/share/openstack/openstack-nova-setup
+++ b/openstack/usr/share/openstack/openstack-nova-setup
@@ -95,38 +95,21 @@ usermod -a -G libvirt nova
rm /etc/systemd/system/
# Start nova services
-systemctl start openstack-nova-compute
# [1] Never enable openstack-nova-conductor service in a node with
# openstack-nova-compute or the security benefits of removing
# database access from nova-compute will be negated
#systemctl start openstack-nova-conductor
-systemctl start openstack-nova-api
-systemctl start openstack-nova-cert
-systemctl start openstack-nova-consoleauth
-systemctl start openstack-nova-scheduler
-systemctl start openstack-nova-novncproxy
+for service in compute api cert consoleauth scheduler novncproxy; do
+ systemctl start openstack-nova-$service.service
#systemctl start openstack-nova-xvpnvncproxy
# Create the links to run nova services when system start next times.
-ln -s "/etc/systemd/system/openstack-nova-compute.service" \
- "/etc/systemd/system/"
+for service in compute api cert consoleauth scheduler novncproxy; do
+ systemctl enable openstack-nova-$service.service
# See description of why this shouldn't run in a openstack in one node in [1]
#ln -s "/etc/systemd/system/openstack-nova-conductor.service" \
# "/etc/systemd/system/"
-ln -s "/etc/systemd/system/openstack-nova-api.service" \
- "/etc/systemd/system/"
-ln -s "/etc/systemd/system/openstack-nova-cert.service" \
- "/etc/systemd/system/"
-ln -s "/etc/systemd/system/openstack-nova-consoleauth.service" \
- "/etc/systemd/system/"
-ln -s "/etc/systemd/system/openstack-nova-scheduler.service" \
- "/etc/systemd/system/"
-ln -s "/etc/systemd/system/openstack-nova-novncproxy.service" \
- "/etc/systemd/system/"
exit 0