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[core, osx] Updated changelogs
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@@ -9,12 +9,12 @@ If you want to contribute code:
1. Ensure that existing [pull requests]( and [issues]( don’t already cover your contribution or question.
1. Pull requests are gladly accepted. If there are any changes that developers using one of the GL SDKs should be aware of, please update the **master** section of the relevant changelog(s):
- - [iOS](platform/ios/
- - [Android](platform/android/
- - [Node.js](platform/node/
- - Other platforms, look in: `/platform/{platform-name}/`
+ * [Mapbox Android SDK](platform/android/
+ * [Mapbox iOS SDK](platform/ios/
+ * [Mapbox OS X SDK](platform/osx/
+ * [node-mapbox-gl-native](platform/node/
-1. Prefix your commit messages with the platform(s) your changes affect: `[core]`, `[ios]`, `[android]`, `[node]`, and so on.
+1. Prefix your commit messages with the platform(s) your changes affect: `[core]`, `[android]`, `[ios]`, `[osx]`, `[node]`, or `[qt]`.
# Code of conduct
Everyone is invited to participate in Mapbox’s open source projects and public discussions: we want to create a welcoming and friendly environment. Harassment of participants or other unethical and unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated in our spaces. The [Contributor Covenant]( applies to all projects under the Mapbox organization and we ask that you please read [the full text](