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[ios, osx] Unified offline and ambient caches
There is now only one instance of mbgl::OfflineFileSource, created when the shared MGLOfflineStorage object is initialized. Also create and use the shared MGLOfflineStorage object when initializing an MGLMapView object. The unified cache file is located in a subdirectory of Application Support, where the SDK has control over the file’s lifetime. The subdirectory is already named after the host application’s bundle identifier, ensuring that each Mapbox-powered application has an independent tile limit. If there’s an ambient cache in a subdirectory of Caches, delete it. If there’s an offline cache in a subdirectory of Documents on iOS or Caches on OS X, move it to the unified cache location in a subdirectory of Application Support. Fixes the iOS/OS X side of #4338.
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@@ -57,9 +57,10 @@ Known issues:
- Black Screen On Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean devices ([#2802](
- Resolved in 2.2.0
-## iOS master
+## iOS 3.2.0
- Offline packs can now be downloaded to allow users to view specific regions of the map offline. A new MGLOfflineStorage class provides APIs for managing MGLOfflinePacks. ([#4221](
+- Tiles and other resources are cached in the same file that holds offline resources. The combined cache file is located in a subdirectory of the user’s Application Support directory, which means iOS will not delete the file when disk space runs low. ([#4377](
- The user dot no longer disappears after panning the map across the antimeridian at low zoom levels. ([#4275](
- The map no longer recoils when panning quickly at low zoom levels. ([#4214](
- An icon laid out along a line no longer appears if it would extend past the end of the line. Some one-way arrows no longer point the wrong way. ([#3839](