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* * Bug 61 fixed. The plugins are built as module and SOVERSION is removed.Aleksandar Donchev2013-10-161-4/+0
* * Typo: Dbus address fixed.Aleksandar Donchev2013-10-1412-180/+180
* * Typo: Dbus address fixed.Aleksandar Donchev2013-10-102-2/+2
* * made sure that CommonAPI stuff compiles with release 2.1Christian Linke2013-09-2513-1139/+4010
* * added some documentation, removed sample project since it seems to addle us...Christian Linke2013-09-1217-60/+277
* * some naming adoptions & review for GENIVIChristian Linke2013-09-0937-7342/+6493
* *PluginCommandInterfaceCAPI, PluginRoutingInterfaceCAPI, NodeStateCommunicato...Aleksandar Donchev2013-09-0333-0/+9635