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* edit-morph: Use morphloader rather than morph2Adam Coldrick2014-08-141-52/+8
* Make our use of json binary path safebaserock/richardmaw/bugfix/unicode-safe-jsonRichard Maw2014-07-111-2/+2
* yarns: Adapt to put morphologies in subdirsbaserock/richardmaw/S11284/morphologies-by-path-v4Richard Maw2014-07-101-5/+1
* Add yarn tests for new deployment functionalitybaserock/adamcoldrick/deploy-specific-systems-v5Adam Coldrick2014-06-181-1/+1
* Improve check-copyright-year error reportingRichard Ipsum2014-04-251-9/+9
* Update copyright header in check-silliness scriptRichard Maw2014-04-221-1/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/baserock/richardmaw/style-checker'Richard Maw2014-04-171-3/+20
| * check-copyright-year: Use current date for uncommitted changesRichard Maw2014-03-191-3/+20
* | Fix check-silliness' use of awk length functionLars Wirzenius2014-04-171-2/+2
* scripts: Add helper commands for altering cluster morphologiesRichard Maw2014-03-141-11/+97
* yarns: Ensure machine altered morphologies don't include repo/refRichard Maw2014-02-141-1/+3
* Warn and default to null if repo or ref are givenRichard Maw2014-02-131-3/+7
* Remove tests for working with null refsRichard Maw2014-02-131-18/+0
* yarns: Add regression test for cache-key clashRichard Maw2014-01-221-0/+18
* yarns: Move system artifact inclusion implementationRichard Maw2014-01-221-1/+28
* tests: Run style check before slower testsRichard Maw2013-11-211-0/+63
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/danielfirth/RT189'Lars Wirzenius2013-10-081-2/+0
| * Dropped support for 'system-kind' from system morphology filesDan Firth2013-09-271-1/+0
| * Dropped support for 'disk-size' from system morphology files'Dan Firth2013-09-271-1/+0
* | Move helper script to scripts for use in cmdtestsRichard Maw2013-09-261-0/+18
* Merge branch 'liw/b-and-m-yarns'Lars Wirzenius2013-07-311-0/+74
| * Remove commented out debug statementsLars Wirzenius2013-07-311-2/+0
| * Add scenario (yarn) tests for most of branching and mergingLars Wirzenius2013-07-301-0/+76
* | Fix copyright yearLars Wirzenius2013-07-311-1/+1
* | Add a script to check every .gitmodules file in a system branchJonathan Maw2013-07-251-0/+121
* Fix scripts/test-morph to pass min space options alwaysLars Wirzenius2013-06-171-0/+1
* tests: disable the cache and tempdir space checksRichard Maw2013-06-051-1/+2
* Fix tests to use rootfs-tarball system-kinds, instead of disksLars Wirzenius2013-04-231-1/+1
* Replace spaces with tabsLars Wirzenius2013-03-201-2/+2
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jonathan/copy-artifacts-plugin'Lars Wirzenius2013-03-201-67/+0
| * Remove obsolete scriptJonathan Maw2013-03-141-67/+0
* | check now uses git config file in morph/scriptsRic Holland2013-03-201-0/+3
* | Add 'build-mode' field for chunks in a stratumSam Thursfield2013-03-131-1/+2
* | Remove old bootstrap mechanismsSam Thursfield2013-03-132-614/+0
* Remove TAB character (and break line better)Lars Wirzenius2013-03-111-2/+2
* Merge branch 'jonathan/update-find-artifacts' of ssh:// Maw2013-03-081-76/+20
| * Update find-artifacts script to use call_in_artifact_directoryJonathan Maw2013-03-081-75/+18
* | Fix scripts/edit-morph to work correctlySam Thursfield2013-03-051-12/+10
* Merge branch 'samthursfield/edit-morph' of git:// Maw2013-02-211-0/+205
| * scripts/edit-morph: Add to-yaml and to-json commandsSam Thursfield2013-02-181-0/+42
| * Add scripts/edit-morph.pySam Thursfield2013-02-181-0/+163
* scripts/bootstrap: Fix eglibc2 buildSam Thursfield2013-01-291-1/+1
* Merge branch 'jjardon/yaml-v2'Sam Thursfield2013-01-281-4/+1
| * Remove unneded json module importsJavier Jardón2013-01-281-4/+1
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/samthursfield/build-essential'Lars Wirzenius2013-01-281-0/+555
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * Add script to manually create a build-essential staging fillerSam Thursfield2013-01-241-0/+553
* Remove scripts/clean-git-cacheSam Thursfield2013-01-221-240/+0
* Revert "Remove unneded scripts/python-check script"Richard Maw2013-01-221-0/+36
* Remove unneded scripts/python-check scriptJavier Jardón2013-01-181-36/+0
* Add find-artifacts scriptJonathan Maw2012-12-101-0/+123