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This file contains high-level summaries of user-visible changes in
each Morph release.
+Version 14.24, released 2014-06-13
+* rawdisk deployments check that they have the btrfs module loaded first
+* distbuild should busy-wait less
+* fetching of artifacts should be atomic, so a failure to fetch the
+ metadata of an artifact doesn't confuse the build system when we have
+ the chunk, but no metadata
+* `morph deploy` now defaults to `--no-git-update`
+* `morph gc` now cleans up failed deployments, so they aren't left around
+ if morph terminates uncleanly
+* `morph edit` now only takes the name of the chunk, rather than the
+ name of the system and stratum that chunk is in
Version 14.23, released 2014-06-06