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Update NEWS based on feedback
Feedback by Richard Maw.
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@@ -20,16 +20,17 @@ New features added:
* The `morph build` command is now a new implementation. The old
implementation is still available as `morph old-build`, just in case
the new code is buggy, but will be removed in a future release.
- (Baserock 12 had them swapped the other way around.)
+ Likewise, `morph deploy` has a new implementation, but no
+ `old-deploy`. Both new implementations should work exactly as the
+ old ones, except for bugs.
Bugs fixed:
* When Morph reads git configuration files, it now correctly handles
whitespace at the end of configuration values.
-* `morph deploy` no longer creates a useless temporary build branch.
- The branch wasn't useful for determining the system artifact needed,
- so it was merely wasteful.
+* `morph deploy` no longer creates and pushes a temporary build
+ branch. Pushing it wasn't useful, merely wasteful.
* `morph deploy` now allows cross-architecture deployments, and
and `morph cross-bootstrap` checks that the system is being built