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Artifact splitting tests
+Parsing and validation
+To verify that the products fields are parsed correctly, we have a
+scenario that uses all of them, not relying on the default rules.
SCENARIO building a system with morphologies that have splitting rules
GIVEN a workspace
AND a git server
+To test that all the fields are recognised, we set the new fields to
+their default values.
AND chunk test-chunk includes the default splitting rules
AND stratum test-stratum includes the default splitting rules
AND system test-system includes the default splitting rules
+The default rules produce a system that is identical to not providing
+them, and since this test is about validation, we don't care about the
+result, so much as it succeeding to build something.
WHEN the user checks out the system branch called master
THEN morph build the system test-system of the branch master
+Smaller systems
+An example use-case for splitting is to only include the runtime
+strata for a target system, rather than including all the development
+information, such as the documentation, C library headers and C static
SCENARIO building a system only using runtime strata
GIVEN a workspace
AND a git server
+The only change we need to make is to add a field to the system morphology
+to select which artifact to use in the system.
AND system test-system only uses test-stratum-runtime from test-stratum
WHEN the user checks out the system branch called master
+The best way to test that only using some stratum artifacts works is
+to check which files the output has, so we deploy a tarball and inspect
+its contents.
GIVEN a cluster called test-cluster for deploying only the test-system system as type tar in system branch master
WHEN the user builds the system test-system in branch master
AND the user attempts to deploy the cluster test-cluster in branch master with options system.location="$DATADIR/test.tar"
+The -runtime artifacts include executables and shared libraries.
THEN tarball test.tar contains bin/test
AND tarball test.tar contains lib/
+The -devel artifacts include static libraries and documentation, so if
+we've successfully excluded it, we won't have those files.
AND tarball test.tar doesn't contain lib/libtest.a
AND tarball test.tar doesn't contain man/man3/test.3.gz