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* Configure Mason with AnsiblePedro Alvarez2014-09-174-0/+85
* Move Mason out from /rootPedro Alvarez2014-09-173-5/+5
* Fix Mason report generatorMichael Drake2014-08-291-2/+2
* mason-generator: Display help for wrong number of argsRichard Maw2014-08-281-1/+1
* Deploy Masons to use source on upstream trovesRichard Maw2014-08-282-42/+45
* Tidy mason deployDaniel Silverstone2014-08-281-8/+8
* Document the need for mason to be able to upload to upstream trovesMichael Drake2014-08-271-0/+5
* mason: Don't checkout repo using .git suffixRichard Maw2014-08-191-1/+1
* mason: Include build logs in output when builds failRichard Maw2014-08-191-2/+7
* Report last time we checked for updates.baserock/michaeldrake/mason-develMichael Drake2014-08-121-4/+28
* Reduce refresh rate of report from 10s to 1min.Michael Drake2014-08-081-1/+1
* Use the local trove rather than upstream trove when polling for updates.Michael Drake2014-08-082-4/+4
* Fix --help output to describe copying the correct key for test deployment.Michael Drake2014-08-081-1/+1
* Detect lack of network and report as such, rather than failbaserock/michaeldrake/mason-net-down-reportMichael Drake2014-08-072-2/+24
* Add Mason scripts on top of distbuild systemMichael Drake2014-08-066-0/+402