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Rename 'distbuild' system to 'build', and fix descriptions
It's better to have one type of system that can do either distributed or local builds than to have separate ones that must both be kept up to date with changes. The need for a separate 'distbuild' stratum went already: commit 1a7fbedf56a4c7a6afb683851dde5d34bbb48b86 Author: Richard Maw <> Date: Thu Oct 2 14:16:00 2014 +0000 Split morph out of tools morph now contains distbuild and morph-cache-server, so the distbuild stratum can go away, and anything that needs it can now use morph.
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+name: build-system-x86_64
+kind: system
+description: The system that should be used for building all other Baserock systems for 64-bit Intel x86 computers.
+arch: x86_64
+- name: build-essential
+ morph: strata/build-essential.morph
+- name: core
+ morph: strata/core.morph
+- name: foundation
+ morph: strata/foundation.morph
+- name: bsp-x86_64-generic
+ morph: strata/bsp-x86_64-generic.morph
+- name: tools
+ morph: strata/tools.morph
+- name: morph-utils
+ morph: strata/morph-utils.morph
+- name: nfs
+ morph: strata/nfs.morph
+- name: ansible
+ morph: strata/ansible.morph
+- name: cloudinit-support
+ morph: strata/cloudinit-support.morph
+- set-hostname
+- add-config-files
+- simple-network
+- nfsboot
+- install-files
+- distbuild
+- fstab
+- mason
+- cloud-init