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* Gracefully handle early deregistration of objectsMilian Wolff2017-06-262-0/+16
* BC include file and global.cfg added for QtWebChannelMilla Pohjanheimo2016-10-132-0/+5329
* Fix asynchronous signals from QObjects in different threadsDave Andrews2016-09-292-4/+38
* Fix asynchronous method calls on QObjects in different threadsDave Andrews2016-09-292-0/+56
* Add a test that emits signals from C++ and checks them in QMLv5. Wolff2016-07-215-3/+165
* Remove deleted transport objectsKai Dohmen2016-07-212-0/+55
* Add test to verify that bools get properly converted.Milian Wolff2016-07-132-0/+33
* Properly unwrap QObject signal parameters on the JavaScript side.Milian Wolff2016-06-281-5/+14
* Make passing objects from website to server possibleKai Dohmen2016-06-212-0/+66
* Fix setting properties of QJson{Value,Array,Object} type.Milian Wolff2016-05-262-4/+115
* Enable calling C++ functions taking QJson arguments via webchannel.Milian Wolff2016-05-252-0/+46
* Support subclass property getters and setters.Pierre Rossi2015-07-083-0/+212
* Fix wrap registered object issueLutz Schönemann2015-05-152-0/+76
* Update copyright headersv5.5.0-alpha1Antti Kokko2015-02-1712-72/+72
* Merge branch '5.4' into devMilian Wolff2015-02-045-27/+70
| * Fix crash on signal after deregistrationLutz Schönemann2014-12-032-0/+25
| * Make objects inside properties accessible.Milian Wolff2014-12-021-1/+16
* | Make the tests less flaky and don't send empty property updates.Milian Wolff2015-01-162-28/+61
* | Do not broadcast signals or property changes of wrapped qobjectsBernd Lamecker2014-12-194-4/+368
* | Separate registered and autoregistered QObjectsSumedha Widyadharma2014-12-153-41/+215
* | Do not broadcast initialization data to all clients.Milian Wolff2014-12-081-2/+2
* Never manually connect to the destroyed signal of any object.Milian Wolff2014-10-171-22/+10
* Fixing failing testcasesLutz Schönemann2014-08-261-4/+21
* Update license headers and add new licensesJani Heikkinen2014-08-2611-198/+110
* Get rid of setTimeout calls in qwebchannel.js client code.Milian Wolff2014-08-262-25/+6
* Fixing property update for wrapped objectsLutz Schönemann2014-08-191-0/+30
* Call unwrapQObject for every response we getLutz Schönemann2014-08-081-8/+41
* Fix namespace build of testFrederik Gladhorn2014-08-042-0/+6
* Enable the QML tests even when QtWebKit is not available.Milian Wolff2014-08-032-4/+6
* Properly disconnect a transport from the QtMetaObjectPublisher.Milian Wolff2014-08-012-0/+14
* Refactor JavaScript QWebChannel to take an external transport object.Milian Wolff2014-07-301-2/+1
* Refactor and streamline API and IPC protocol.Milian Wolff2014-07-298-362/+275
* Explicitly distinguish between JavaScript Client and QML Client.Milian Wolff2014-07-182-17/+17
* Adapt to rename to QtWebChannel and rename resource path as well.Milian Wolff2014-07-175-5/+2
* Make the QWebChannel QML API publically accessible.Milian Wolff2014-07-1512-19/+158
* Refactor code to use QWebChannelAbstractTransport and QtWebSockets.Milian Wolff2014-07-0421-420/+326
* Do not return a function for property getters on the HTML side.Milian Wolff2014-07-033-4/+4
* Add cmake test, adapt test directory layout and point to dev branches.Milian Wolff2014-07-0326-8/+32
* Send response data only to target client.Milian Wolff2014-03-214-32/+5
* Use an enum for message types instead of strings.Milian Wolff2014-03-213-14/+26
* Refactor QML test code and add a test for multiple websocket clients.Milian Wolff2014-03-215-50/+234
* Make the underlying transport mechanism of the webchannel pluggable.Milian Wolff2014-02-0616-62/+141
* Mark QtWebKit as optional module dependency.Milian Wolff2014-01-311-1/+1
* Fixup license headers of the files written by me.Milian Wolff2014-01-167-58/+96
* Properly convert JSON data to target type of function parameter.Milian Wolff2014-01-102-0/+55
* Add declarative object-registration API to QML WebChannel.Milian Wolff2014-01-101-5/+5
* Simplify usage of QWebChannel on the server side.Milian Wolff2014-01-083-77/+38
* Make test_property less flaky by skipping idle messages.Milian Wolff2014-01-081-8/+4
* Simplify QWebChannel usage by merging webchannel.js and qobject.js.Milian Wolff2014-01-0810-65/+44
* Allow running of QML tests without needing "make install" first.Milian Wolff2014-01-081-2/+2