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Refactor code to use QWebChannelAbstractTransport and QtWebSockets.
This is a quite big changeset, but necessary to get the roadmap implemented that was discussed at QtCS. With this patchset landed, the QWebChannel does not depend on QtWebKit anymore, not even for the tests. Rather, we will introduce the dependency in the other way (i.e. QtWebKit will optionally use QtWebChannel if available). For the pure Qt/C++ use-case, we ship a utility implementation of a QWebChannelAbstractTransport that uses a QWebSocket for the server-client communication. This way, we can get rid of the custom WebSocket implementation. The tests are refactored to run the qwebchannel.js code directly inside QML. Integration tests for QtWebKit/QtWebEngine as well as examples will be added to these repositories. Change-Id: Icc1c1c5918ec46e31d5070937c14c4ca25a3e2d6 Reviewed-by: Pierre Rossi <>
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