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* [build] split out DefaultFileSource and dependents to a separate targetKonstantin Käfer2017-09-281-6/+24
* Merge branch 'release-ios-v3.6.0-android-v5.1.0' into master.upstream/fabian-merge-release-ios-v3.6.0-finalFabian Guerra2017-09-271-5/+16
| * [android, ios, macos] Updated translationsMinh Nguyễn2017-09-221-3/+3
| * [android, ios, macos] Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian and other localization up...Minh Nguyễn2017-09-121-2/+13
* | [macos] snapshotterIvo van Dongen2017-09-051-0/+8
* | Merge tag 'ios-v3.6.2' into masterFabian Guerra2017-08-281-6/+10
|\ \ | |/
| * [ios] adapt Mapbox Streets–sourced layers for user preferred language (#9582)Fabian Guerra Soto2017-08-011-6/+8
| * [android, ios, macos] Updated French localizationMinh Nguyễn2017-07-191-0/+2
| * [darwin] Include polylabel via cmakeJason Wray2017-07-131-16/+4
| * [ios,macos] multipolygon coordinate (#8713)Fabian Guerra Soto2017-05-231-4/+16
| * [ios, macos] Light property implementation in MGLStyle (#9043)Fabian Guerra Soto2017-05-231-0/+16
* | [ios][macos] rendering interface changesIvo van Dongen2017-07-181-0/+4
* | [darwin] Include polylabel via cmakeJason Wray2017-07-111-16/+4
* | [iOS][macOS] Export `MGLImageSource`, add and update documentation. Use anima...Asheem Mamoowala2017-06-191-2/+0
* | [iOS][macOS] Add ImageSource bindingsAsheem Mamoowala2017-06-191-0/+14
* | Merge release-ios-v3.6.0-android-v5.1.0 to master (#9170)Tobrun2017-06-021-4/+32
* [ios, macos] Moved DDS guide examples to Swift unit testMinh Nguyễn2017-05-081-0/+4
* [core] Load source TileJSON immediatelyJohn Firebaugh2017-05-021-4/+0
* [ios, macos] Updated ca, es, sv, vi, zh-Hans localizations from TransifexMinh Nguyễn2017-05-021-0/+2
* [core] Render fill-extrusion layers (#8431)Lauren Budorick2017-04-271-0/+12
* [ios, macos] Add Swift integration tests for map view delegateJesse Bounds2017-04-131-0/+32
* [darwin] Make -[MGLForegroundStyleLayer sourceIdentifier] abstractJohn Firebaugh2017-04-131-4/+0
* [darwin] Simplify MGLStyleLayer initialization and pointer managementJohn Firebaugh2017-04-131-4/+8
* [macos] expose link flags via mbgl-core targetKonstantin Käfer2017-04-061-6/+0
* [build] generate .xcconfig files with configure_fileKonstantin Käfer2017-03-281-8/+2
* [node] Eliminate src as an include pathJohn Firebaugh2017-03-281-10/+12
* [ios, macos] Fixed documentation parameter mismatchesMinh Nguyễn2017-03-131-0/+2
* [macos, ios] query source featuresIvo van Dongen2017-03-101-0/+8
* [ios, macos] Removed duplicated NSDate test files, improved duration converst...Fabian Guerra Soto2017-03-081-4/+4
* [ios, macos] Russian, Catalan, Lithuanian, Finnish, Dutch (#8256)Minh Nguyễn2017-03-081-0/+30
* [ios] Fixed conversion between Duration and NSTimeInerval (#8276)Fabian Guerra Soto2017-03-031-0/+4
* [ios, macos] Enable localizations in iosapp & macosappJason Wray2017-02-201-0/+36
* [ios, macos] Include Ukranian stringsdict in projectMinh Nguyễn2017-02-201-0/+2
* [ios, macos] Added Lithuanian localizationMinh Nguyễn2017-02-201-0/+3
* [ios, macos] Polish, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian translationsMinh Nguyễn2017-02-201-0/+13
* [macos,ios] add tests for MGLOfflineStorageDelegateKonstantin Käfer2017-02-201-4/+4
* [darwin] move RunLoop initialization to static variableKonstantin Käfer2017-02-201-0/+8
* Refactor: use conversion system to convert MGLStyleFunction to mbgl core type...Anand Thakker2017-02-151-0/+4
* [ios, macos] Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Swedish, VietnameseMinh Nguyễn2017-02-091-0/+34
* [ios, macos] Traditional Chinese localizationMinh Nguyễn2017-02-031-0/+5
* [ios, macos] added a distance formatterFredrik Karlsson2017-01-271-0/+12
* Merge branch 'release-ios-v3.4.0' into 1ec5-release-ios-v3.4.0-beta.7Minh Nguyễn2017-01-161-53/+73
| * [ios, macos] Rewrote style layer testsMinh Nguyễn2017-01-131-36/+26
| * [ios, macos] Title case attribution buttonsMinh Nguyễn2017-01-101-0/+4
| * [ios, macos] Keep style attribute NSValue categories near enum declarationsMinh Nguyễn2017-01-071-12/+0
| * [ios, macos] Split NSValue+MGLStyleEnumAttributeAdditions category per style ...Minh Nguyễn2017-01-071-12/+12
| * [macos] Arrange layers top to bottom in sidebarMinh Nguyễn2017-01-061-0/+6
| * [ios, macos] Insert example code in original headers (#7569)Minh Nguyễn2017-01-041-0/+8
| * [ios, macos] Rewrote predicate/filter conversionMinh Nguyễn2017-01-041-6/+6
| * [ios, macos] features and annotations now conforms to NSSecureCodingFredrik Karlsson2016-12-221-0/+12