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* [core] Make Map.addImage tests pass (#8843)Asheem Mamoowala2017-05-022-1/+16
* [core] Refactor Source::*Impls into RenderSources and TilePyramidJohn Firebaugh2017-05-022-19/+1
* [all] Push querySourceFeatures back out to MapJohn Firebaugh2017-05-024-27/+12
* [core] Render fill-extrusion layers (#8431)Lauren Budorick2017-04-2712-35/+408
* [core] split off render layersIvo van Dongen2017-04-2510-31/+41
* [all] Rationalize style::ImageJohn Firebaugh2017-04-242-15/+11
* [android] use AAssetManager instead of libzipKonstantin Käfer2017-04-241-0/+3
* [core] More complete fix for composite function interpolation edge caseJohn Firebaugh2017-04-201-3/+0
* [core] Move ProjectedMeters to projection.hppJohn Firebaugh2017-04-182-29/+28
* [core] Remove non-Map-dependent projection methods from MapJohn Firebaugh2017-04-181-3/+0
* [core] Tighten geo.hpp ctorsBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-04-142-43/+72
* [core] TransitionOptions s/operator bool/isDefined/Bruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-04-141-1/+1
* [core] Remove unused bool() functionsBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-04-141-2/+0
* [core, darwin] Object identity for MGLSource*, MGLStyleLayer*John Firebaugh2017-04-133-0/+22
* [all] Remove redundant scale-related camera methodsJohn Firebaugh2017-04-131-4/+1
* [core] Revert use of optional<EdgeInsets>, because EdgeInsets has a natural "...John Firebaugh2017-04-113-11/+14
* [core] Added {set,get}{Min,Max}PitchBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-04-111-0/+4
* [core] Added Map::{get,set}LatLngBoundsBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-04-111-0/+2
* [core] Added LatLngBounds::{valid,constrain}Bruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-04-111-0/+15
* [core] Move {Map,Transform}::{get,set}{Min,Max}Zoom to bounds pragmaBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-04-111-2/+4
* [core] Updated Size::isEmpty and TransformState::valid checksBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-04-102-7/+6
* [core] Add DDS support for {text,icon}-size (#8593)Anand Thakker2017-04-064-9/+18
* [all] Make LatLng coordinates read-onlyJohn Firebaugh2017-04-062-41/+45
* [core] Tighten LatLng and other geo.hpp classesJohn Firebaugh2017-04-061-17/+18
* Fix edge case in composite function interpolation (#8613)Anand Thakker2017-04-031-1/+8
* [core] Add DDS support for icon-imageJohn Firebaugh2017-03-312-4/+4
* [core] Add DDS support for text-rotateJohn Firebaugh2017-03-312-4/+4
* [core] implement dds for text-offsetMolly Lloyd2017-03-282-4/+4
* [core] Privatize gl/gl.hppKonstantin Käfer2017-03-281-50/+0
* [core] Privatize OpenGL/Context headersKonstantin Käfer2017-03-281-0/+26
* [node] Move util/async_task.hpp to public include directoryKonstantin Käfer2017-03-281-0/+24
* [core] Move map/change.hpp to public include directoryJohn Firebaugh2017-03-281-0/+26
* [core] Move actor/{mailbox,scheduler}.hpp to public include directoryJohn Firebaugh2017-03-282-0/+71
* [core] Move ignore.hpp to public include directoryJohn Firebaugh2017-03-281-0/+26
* [core] Avoid public dtoa.hpp includeJohn Firebaugh2017-03-281-13/+3
* [core] Avoid public geometry_tile_data.hpp includeJohn Firebaugh2017-03-282-3/+4
* [core] Move interpolate.hpp to public include directoryJohn Firebaugh2017-03-281-0/+89
* [core] Added Map::latLngBoundsForCameraBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-03-243-0/+22
* [core] Move OpenGL extension initialization to BackendKonstantin Käfer2017-03-231-0/+11
* [core] Ensure that a BackendScope exists when doing GL callsKonstantin Käfer2017-03-231-1/+14
* [all] Replace Result<T> with optional<T> plus out Error parameterJohn Firebaugh2017-03-2313-317/+391
* [core] cache binary shaders on AndroidKonstantin Käfer2017-03-221-1/+2
* Merge branch 'release-ios-v3.5.0-android-v5.0.0'John Firebaugh2017-03-219-3/+59
| * [ios] Guard against over calling pause or resumeJesse Bounds2017-03-181-3/+0
| * Per-attribute transition properties on MGLStyleLayer (#8225)Fabian Guerra Soto2017-03-108-0/+59
| * [core] query source featuresIvo van Dongen2017-03-103-1/+33
| * [core] rename query options for query rendered featuresIvo van Dongen2017-03-102-5/+5
* | Make Source::getZoomRange return an optional rangeBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-03-211-2/+1
* | [core] s/onSourceDidChange/onSourceChanged/ + source refBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-03-211-1/+4
* | [core] Expose Source::getZoomRangeBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-03-201-1/+4