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* [core] Assert valid range for color componentsJohn Firebaugh2016-11-291-0/+16
* [build] move logging to utilKonstantin Käfer2016-11-223-0/+170
* [build] move default_styles to platform/defaultKonstantin Käfer2016-11-221-31/+0
* [core] Introduce gl::Program templateJohn Firebaugh2016-11-081-5/+0
* [core] add ability to upload alpha-only textures + imagesKonstantin Käfer2016-11-011-3/+6
* [core] Moved util::log2 to its own headerBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-10-311-0/+2
* [core] Modern C++ bindings for OpenGLJohn Firebaugh2016-10-282-1/+5
* [core] operator bool() must always be explicitJohn Firebaugh2016-10-281-1/+1
* [core] change std::array<uint16_t, 2> to mbgl::SizeKonstantin Käfer2016-10-272-18/+50
* [core] extract weak_ptr mailbox->receive into Mailbox::maybeReceiveMike Morris2016-10-201-3/+1
* [core] TileCoordinate::fromLatLng no longer depens on TransformStateBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-10-191-1/+1
* [core] Move TransformState::{un,}project() to ProjectionBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-10-191-0/+16
* [core] Move TransformState::worldSize() to ProjectionBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-10-191-4/+10
* [core] standardize on uint16_t for texture sizesKonstantin Käfer2016-09-271-6/+6
* [core] Use an actor model for tile worker concurrencyJohn Firebaugh2016-09-161-2/+13
* [core] [android] - public api configurable base endpoint (#6309)Tobrun2016-09-151-0/+2
* [core] OnlineFileSource - rate limitIvo van Dongen2016-09-132-0/+4
* [core] Don't use std::move on forwarding referencesJohn Firebaugh2016-09-081-13/+16
* [core] Rework invokeWithCallback so that the callback is lastJohn Firebaugh2016-09-083-11/+25
* [core] Extract WorkTaskImpl from run_loop.hppJohn Firebaugh2016-09-083-83/+105
* [core] support "scheme": "tms" in TileJSON filesKonstantin Käfer2016-08-161-0/+3
* [core] Use NDEBUG instead of DEBUGBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-08-051-1/+1
* GeoJSON point clustering (#5724)Vladimir Agafonkin2016-07-271-15/+3
* [core] Add support for $id key to filtersJohn Firebaugh2016-07-181-5/+1
* [core] Revert workaround for std::atomic on ARMv5Thiago Marcos P. Santos2016-07-131-5/+5
* Merge branch 'release-ios-v3.3.0' into masterJesse Bounds2016-07-071-0/+12
| * [ios] #3979 compress telemetry events (#5490)Fredrik Karlsson2016-07-051-0/+12
* | [core] geometry@0.8.0 / geojsonvt@6.0.0 (#5514)Young Hahn2016-07-062-3/+20
* | [core] code style cleanupsKonstantin Käfer2016-07-011-4/+4
* | [core] Added CharArrayBufferBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-06-301-0/+55
* | [core] Use the right types for zoom scale logicBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-06-281-1/+1
* | [core, node] Implement bindings for addSourceJohn Firebaugh2016-06-241-0/+22
* | [core] Added mbgl::util::DEFAULT_TRANSITION_EASEBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-06-201-0/+3
* | [core] UnitBezier ctor is now constexprBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-06-201-20/+19
* | [core] Avoid redundant 'inline' usageBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-06-184-16/+16
* | [core] Cleaned up enum classesBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-06-182-9/+9
* | [core] Runtime source API: private implsJohn Firebaugh2016-06-161-0/+20
* | [core, node] Implement setPaintProperty for color properties (#5380)John Firebaugh2016-06-161-1/+5
* | [core] Prepare Filter and FilterEvaluator for extraction (#5366)John Firebaugh2016-06-151-0/+7
* | [core] Add a few conveniences to ColorJohn Firebaugh2016-06-151-3/+15
* | [core] Added mbgl::util::convert helper functionBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-06-151-0/+17
* | Color class (#5361)Young Hahn2016-06-151-1/+15
* | [core] Use Range<uint8_t> instead of full Tileset where possibleJohn Firebaugh2016-06-141-0/+25
* | [core] Make enum ↔ string conversion more generic-friendlyJohn Firebaugh2016-06-131-38/+22
* | [tidy] Check modernize-pass-by-valueBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-06-131-2/+2
* | [core] fix pedantic warning messagesKonstantin Käfer2016-06-131-1/+1
* | [test] Added Projection testsBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-06-132-5/+11
* [core] mbgl::Image is now movable, noncopyableBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-06-071-1/+15
* [core] Naive atomic type for ARMv5Thiago Marcos P. Santos2016-06-061-5/+5
* [core] Rationalize naming for style-related codeJohn Firebaugh2016-06-022-0/+27