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* [core] Return source and layer ownership (#7014)Jesse Bounds2016-11-111-2/+2
* [core] change std::array<uint16_t, 2> to mbgl::SizeKonstantin Käfer2016-10-271-4/+4
* [core] move gl::Context to Backend and refactor ViewKonstantin Käfer2016-10-254-66/+25
* [core] separate Backend from View for headless renderingKonstantin Käfer2016-10-253-32/+48
* [core] [node] pass thread pool impl to Map constructorMike Morris2016-10-201-2/+3
* [core] remove dependence on gl.h typesKonstantin Käfer2016-09-291-2/+2
* [core] standardize on uint16_t for texture sizesKonstantin Käfer2016-09-271-1/+1
* [core] Removed map attribution APIMinh Nguyễn2016-09-261-1/+0
* [core] Source-driven attributionMinh Nguyễn2016-09-261-0/+1
* [core] Add interface to add sprites to the styleThiago Marcos P. Santos2016-09-221-0/+4
* [core] Separate transition options accessors from class APIBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-09-131-3/+6
* [core] Batch source updatesJohn Firebaugh2016-09-061-3/+2
* [core] add ability show visualize the depth buffer to the GLFW and macOS appKonstantin Käfer2016-08-191-1/+10
* [core] parse more Style JSON propertiesKonstantin Käfer2016-08-191-0/+7
* [core, android, ios, macos] Replaced getPointAnnotationsInBounds() w/ queryPo...Minh Nguyễn2016-08-121-2/+1
* [core] code style cleanupsKonstantin Käfer2016-07-011-13/+13
* [core] s/Wireframe/Overdraw/gBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-06-201-1/+1
* [core] Avoid redundant 'inline' usageBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-06-181-2/+2
* [core] Cleaned up enum classesBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-06-182-12/+12
* [core] Avoid unnecessary work when a symbol annotation is updatedJohn Firebaugh2016-06-171-1/+2
* [core] Runtime source API: Map methodsJohn Firebaugh2016-06-161-0/+7
* [core, node] Implement setPaintProperty for color properties (#5380)John Firebaugh2016-06-161-0/+1
* [core] Introduce Map::getLayerJohn Firebaugh2016-06-131-0/+1
* [tidy] Check llvm-namespace-commentBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-06-131-1/+1
* [core, node, android] Remove used "base" parameter from setStyleJSONJohn Firebaugh2016-06-021-2/+2
* [core] Rationalize naming for style-related codeJohn Firebaugh2016-06-021-6/+9
* [core] Generalize Map::{add,remove}CustomLayerJohn Firebaugh2016-06-022-10/+5
* [all] Rationalize annotation APIJohn Firebaugh2016-06-011-11/+2
* [core] use #pragma once instead of ifdef include guardsKonstantin Käfer2016-05-255-20/+5
* [core] Move GLFW stencil clip debug to coreBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-05-241-0/+4
* [core] Implement MapDebugOptions::WireframeBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-05-231-0/+1
* [core] remove MockView and View dependency in TransformKonstantin Käfer2016-05-181-17/+1
* [core] Use mapbox::geometry::box in queryRenderedFeaturesJohn Firebaugh2016-05-131-2/+2
* [core] Fix code style issuesJohn Firebaugh2016-05-121-1/+1
* [core] Added Viewport modeBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-05-112-2/+14
* [core] Use geometry.hpp feature typeJohn Firebaugh2016-05-031-2/+3
* [core] implement queryRenderedFeaturesAnsis Brammanis2016-04-291-0/+4
* [core] Added mbgl::underlying_typeBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-04-281-2/+4
* [core] Fix view class docsThiago Marcos P. Santos2016-04-281-2/+0
* [core, ios, osx] cameraThatFitsCoordinateBoundsMinh Nguyễn2016-04-221-2/+3
* [core] Convert MapContext to Map::Impl; eliminate indirectionJohn Firebaugh2016-04-151-19/+2
* [core] Render from the main threadJohn Firebaugh2016-04-142-42/+29
* Merge branch 'release-ios-3.2.0-android-4.0.0'John Firebaugh2016-03-301-0/+1
| * [core] Localize and simplify state for MapChangeDidFinishLoadingMap eventJohn Firebaugh2016-03-301-0/+1
* | [core] Default fade duration is now a constantBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-03-181-3/+0
* | [core] Remove default transition durationBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-03-182-12/+8
* | [core] s/Update::Zoom/Update/RecalculateStyle/Bruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-03-181-1/+1
* | [core] Added user-defined transition properties when modifying classesBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-03-181-3/+5
* | [core] Remove MapData::defaultTransitionDelayBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-03-181-3/+0
* | [core] Harden Transform anchor & padding usageBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-03-131-14/+15