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* * Typo: Dbus address fixed.Aleksandar Donchev2013-10-107-34/+40
* * made sure that CommonAPI stuff compiles with release 2.1Christian Linke2013-09-2524-1745/+5655
* * corrected registerDomainChristian Linke2013-09-1213-34/+28
* * Added error handling for all async calls.Aleksandar Donchev2013-09-121-15/+96
* * added some documentation, removed sample project since it seems to addle us...Christian Linke2013-09-1224-69/+465
* test ist now workingAleksandar Donchev2013-09-101-21/+26
* * some naming adoptions & review for GENIVIChristian Linke2013-09-0959-8665/+8218
* *PluginCommandInterfaceCAPI, PluginRoutingInterfaceCAPI, NodeStateCommunicato...Aleksandar Donchev2013-09-0353-0/+15067