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* Revert "Utility updates capi fixes"revert-26-utilityUpdates_CAPI_fixesJens Lorenz2018-03-131-18/+14
* The real-time scheduler removed.Aleksandar Donchev2018-02-131-22/+0
* Cmake parameters for real-time scheduler's priority and policy and throw runt...Aleksandar Donchev2018-02-131-0/+22
* Real time scheduler added, capi wrapper timeout return value considered in re...Aleksandar Donchev2018-02-131-7/+0
* * All methods in CAPI wrapper with connectionID parameter are deprecated beca...Aleksandar Donchev2018-02-131-4/+1
* Runtime check for calls to the sockethandler from other threadsAleksandar Donchev2018-02-131-0/+6
* A filedescriptor removal will set an invalidation flag which will prevent cal...Aleksandar Donchev2018-02-131-4/+7
* Timer fd is closed at the beginning of the next iteration + some unit tests. ...Aleksandar Donchev2018-02-131-3/+8
* The primary signals SIGINT and SIGQUIT are handled on top level inAleksandar Donchev2017-07-101-411/+380
* Fix for bug in CAmSocketHandler causing invalid pointers and crash.Aleksandar Donchev2017-05-021-6/+5
* Signal handling via main loop with signalfd.Aleksandar Donchev2017-05-021-45/+91
* CAmSerializer interface extended to support std::function. Aleksandar Donchev2017-05-021-5/+2
* CAmSocketHandler - usage of std::function instead of function pointers,Aleksandar Donchev2017-05-021-163/+72
* Linux specific TIMERFD implementation as alternative timer mechanismAleksandar Donchev2017-05-021-363/+451
* try catch for sockethandler callbacksChristian Linke2016-05-181-99/+29
* Added overflow handling for timer and poll handlesChristian Linke2016-02-161-1/+6
* * rework of the build structure, adopt to standard cmake package structure7.4Christian Linke2016-02-151-33/+10
* * Updated license fileChristian Linke2015-04-281-10/+8
* * fully rework. Plugins have now a new own git repositoryChristian Linke2015-03-121-0/+576