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* * Bug #100 - removed projecttypes.h which causes compiling conflicts5.1Jens Lorenz2014-06-231-12/+12
* * Some unit tests fixed due issues occured on pocky build systems.Aleksandar Donchev2014-03-281-4/+16
* * Every new connection ID is initilized with the next available number. Aleksandar Donchev2013-09-252-6/+149
* * AmMapHanlderTest - added tests for the callbacks in CAmDatabaseObserver.Aleksandar Donchev2013-09-035-17/+733
* *PluginCommandInterfaceCAPI, PluginRoutingInterfaceCAPI, NodeStateCommunicato...Aleksandar Donchev2013-09-031-1/+1
* Created an abstract interface for the database handlers.Aleksander Donchev2013-07-102-4/+3
* Added 'Dump' method to the database handler and to the telnet server (Info ->...Aleksander Donchev2013-07-101-0/+2
* First version Map implementation of database handler with unit tests ( ticket...Aleksandar Donchev2013-06-263-0/+2451