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Porting Pulse Control Interface from AM v1.x to AM v3.0
This Control Interface is the "heart" of the AM; It is needed by any application that will be developed on top of AM and will use PulseAudio Sound Server to control the sources and sinks present on the system. It must be loaded by AM; The interface can be built by supplying cmake with the -DWITH_PULSE_CONTROL_PLUGIN=ON; There is one configuration file that is used at the moment by the Control Interface: 1. libPluginControlInterface.conf - configuration file for defining the Sources, Source Classes, Sinks, Sink Classes, Gateways, Routes and Mixing rules form them; Modified files: CMakeLists.txt Added new folders: PluginControlInterfacePulse/ Added new files: PluginControlInterfacePulse/CMakeLists.txt PluginControlInterfacePulse/README PluginControlInterfacePulse/data/libPluginControlInterface.conf PluginControlInterfacePulse/include/ControlConfig.h PluginControlInterfacePulse/include/ControlSender.h PluginControlInterfacePulse/src/ControlSender.cpp Signed-off-by: Adrian Scarlat <>
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