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* Cinder services depend on both setup servicesbaserock/pedroalvarez/openstack-in-baserock-3-nodesPedro Alvarez2015-04-173-3/+3
* fixes needed for 3 nodes in one nodePedro Alvarez2015-04-172-0/+3
* OpenStack: Split Cinder into config, db and lv setupbaserock/openstack-in-baserock-3-nodesRichard Maw2015-04-1613-158/+190
* OpenStack: Split nova into control and computeRichard Maw2015-04-1612-62/+64
* OpenStack: Split neutron config up into MANAGER, CONTROLLER and AGENTRichard Maw2015-04-1612-131/+143
* OpenStack: Enable passworded access to postgresql databaseRichard Maw2015-04-161-0/+1
* OpenStack: Disable rp filteringRichard Maw2015-04-161-0/+3
* Openstack: Make Horizon configurablePedro Alvarez2015-04-163-0/+73
* Openstack: Make Neutron configurablePedro Alvarez2015-04-1613-44/+277
* Openstack: Add support to configure the network of the nodePedro Alvarez2015-04-168-0/+156
* Openstack: Make Nova configurablePedro Alvarez2015-04-1612-54/+271
* Openstack: Make Cinder configurablePedro Alvarez2015-04-167-27/+237
* Openstack: Make Glance configurablePedro Alvarez2015-04-168-45/+177
* Openstack: Make Keystone configurablePedro Alvarez2015-04-1611-13/+296
* Add default configuration files for OpenstackPedro Alvarez2015-04-1664-0/+13686