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* gnu-toolchain: Use new version of base sysrootsam/bootstrap-from-baserock-binariesSam Thursfield2017-10-301-1/+1
* gnu-toolchain: Be specific about which `ldconfig` we useSam Thursfield2017-10-301-1/+1
* bootstrap: Remove .la files from the stage3 sysrootSam Thursfield2017-10-301-0/+9
* gnu-toolchain: Use binaries from Baserock releases repo to bootstrapSam Thursfield2017-10-266-51/+20
* Disable debug section compression in stage3Sam Thursfield2017-10-2611-0/+44
* Add 'stage2-sysroot' and 'stage3-sysroot' elementsSam Thursfield2017-10-252-0/+40
* gnu-toolchain: Fix armv8l64 looking in the wrong place for librariesJonathan Maw2017-10-252-7/+7
* gnu-toolchain: Rework linux-api-headers arch conditions and support ppc64bSam Thursfield2017-10-252-36/+78
* gnu-toolchain: Remove PATH hack in glibcSam Thursfield2017-10-251-6/+0
* gnu-toolchain: Fix from stage2-eglibc to include lib64Sam Thursfield2017-10-251-0/+3
* gnu-toolchain: Set correct sysconfdir for stage2-glibcSam Thursfield2017-10-251-6/+9
* gnu-toolchain: Fix being installed with a bad symlinkJonathan Maw2017-10-251-3/+3
* gnu-toolchain: Make stage2-glibc symlink ld for armv8*64Jonathan Maw2017-10-251-0/+5
* gnu-toolchain: Make fhs-dirs symlink lib64 on ppc64 archesJonathan Maw2017-10-252-0/+24
* Add a "generic" BSP stackSam Thursfield2017-10-252-0/+310
* gnu-toolchain: Use new composition operators correctlybenbrown/sam/fix-ciSam Thursfield2017-10-252-12/+18
* gnu-toolchain: Fix debug stripping for cross-builds of stage2Sam Thursfield2017-08-316-0/+24
* gnu-toolchain: Add /lib64 -> /usr/lib64 symlink on 64-bit archesSam Thursfield2017-08-243-6/+47
* gnu-toolchain: Update components in line with build-essential stratumSam Thursfield2017-08-245-7/+7
* Proper support for powerpc64 (little and big endian)Sam Thursfield2017-07-071-4/+10
* Support cross-building the stage1 and stage2 componentsSam Thursfield2017-07-078-16/+16
* Update GCC to 7.1.0, and GLIBC to 2.25Sam Thursfield2017-07-077-15/+16
* Correct 'track' field for stage2-fhs-dirsSam Thursfield2017-07-071-1/+1
* Reworking the gnu toolchain projectTristan Van Berkom2017-04-117-53/+49
* Moved all elements under the elements directoryTristan Van Berkom2017-03-2230-0/+1323