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+# swift_hash_path_suffix and swift_hash_path_prefix are used as part of the
+# the hashing algorithm when determining data placement in the cluster.
+# These values should remain secret and MUST NOT change
+# once a cluster has been deployed.
+swift_hash_path_suffix = {{ SWIFT_HASH_PATH_SUFFIX }}
+swift_hash_path_prefix = {{ SWIFT_HASH_PATH_PREFIX }}
+# storage policies are defined here and determine various characteristics
+# about how objects are stored and treated. Policies are specified by name on
+# a per container basis. Names are case-insensitive. The policy index is
+# specified in the section header and is used internally. The policy with
+# index 0 is always used for legacy containers and can be given a name for use
+# in metadata however the ring file name will always be 'object.ring.gz' for
+# backwards compatibility. If no policies are defined a policy with index 0
+# will be automatically created for backwards compatibility and given the name
+# Policy-0. A default policy is used when creating new containers when no
+# policy is specified in the request. If no other policies are defined the
+# policy with index 0 will be declared the default. If multiple policies are
+# defined you must define a policy with index 0 and you must specify a
+# default. It is recommended you always define a section for
+# storage-policy:0.
+name = Policy-0
+default = yes
+# the following section would declare a policy called 'silver', the number of
+# replicas will be determined by how the ring is built. In this example the
+# 'silver' policy could have a lower or higher # of replicas than the
+# 'Policy-0' policy above. The ring filename will be 'object-1.ring.gz'. You
+# may only specify one storage policy section as the default. If you changed
+# this section to specify 'silver' as the default, when a client created a new
+# container w/o a policy specified, it will get the 'silver' policy because
+# this config has specified it as the default. However if a legacy container
+# (one created with a pre-policy version of swift) is accessed, it is known
+# implicitly to be assigned to the policy with index 0 as opposed to the
+# current default.
+#name = silver
+# The swift-constraints section sets the basic constraints on data
+# saved in the swift cluster. These constraints are automatically
+# published by the proxy server in responses to /info requests.
+# max_file_size is the largest "normal" object that can be saved in
+# the cluster. This is also the limit on the size of each segment of
+# a "large" object when using the large object manifest support.
+# This value is set in bytes. Setting it to lower than 1MiB will cause
+# some tests to fail. It is STRONGLY recommended to leave this value at
+# the default (5 * 2**30 + 2).
+#max_file_size = 5368709122
+# max_meta_name_length is the max number of bytes in the utf8 encoding
+# of the name portion of a metadata header.
+#max_meta_name_length = 128
+# max_meta_value_length is the max number of bytes in the utf8 encoding
+# of a metadata value
+#max_meta_value_length = 256
+# max_meta_count is the max number of metadata keys that can be stored
+# on a single account, container, or object
+#max_meta_count = 90
+# max_meta_overall_size is the max number of bytes in the utf8 encoding
+# of the metadata (keys + values)
+#max_meta_overall_size = 4096
+# max_header_size is the max number of bytes in the utf8 encoding of each
+# header. Using 8192 as default because eventlet use 8192 as max size of
+# header line. This value may need to be increased when using identity
+# v3 API tokens including more than 7 catalog entries.
+# See also include_service_catalog in proxy-server.conf-sample
+# (documented in overview_auth.rst)
+#max_header_size = 8192
+# max_object_name_length is the max number of bytes in the utf8 encoding
+# of an object name
+#max_object_name_length = 1024
+# container_listing_limit is the default (and max) number of items
+# returned for a container listing request
+#container_listing_limit = 10000
+# account_listing_limit is the default (and max) number of items returned
+# for an account listing request
+#account_listing_limit = 10000
+# max_account_name_length is the max number of bytes in the utf8 encoding
+# of an account name
+#max_account_name_length = 256
+# max_container_name_length is the max number of bytes in the utf8 encoding
+# of a container name
+#max_container_name_length = 256