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committerSam Thursfield <>2017-07-11 15:57:42 +0000
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Update all Qt components to latest (5.9.1)
This is to fix build issues with GCC 7 in QtWebKit and QtIvi. Note that the GENIVI IVI shell patches were merged upstream in QtWayland commit f144f0f71f1b75df92 so we should no longer need to use a fork of that component. qtwebengine 5.9 requires GNU gzip to build -- the `grit` tool (Google Resource and Internationalization Tool) expects to be able to call `gzip --rsyncable` which is a feature only provided by GNU gzip. I used 'master' of gzip.git because otherwise the build of the embedded gnulib components fail with GCC 7 (due to warnings and -Werror).
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diff --git a/strata/qt5-tools-qtwebengine.morph b/strata/qt5-tools-qtwebengine.morph
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--- a/strata/qt5-tools-qtwebengine.morph
+++ b/strata/qt5-tools-qtwebengine.morph
@@ -6,11 +6,24 @@ build-depends:
- morph: strata/qt5-tools.morph
- morph: strata/ruby.morph
+- name: qtwebchannel
+ repo: upstream:qt5/qtwebchannel
+ ref: 392da2b649ce669bf329b49668a69007179e4726
+ unpetrify-ref: 5.9.1
+ build-system: qmake
+- name: gzip
+ repo: upstream:gzip
+ ref: e360d3795658e14fb15705876393b9384843971e
+ unpetrify-ref: master
+ build-system: autotools
- name: qtwebengine
repo: upstream:qt5/qtwebengine
- ref: 5c4ae298b0a3d75c4c5ea8aef0595914ab25607f
- unpetrify-ref: v5.6.0
+ ref: 0340d87b7c12a5e56966e61db156e4a299b57bd9
+ unpetrify-ref: v5.9.1
build-system: qmake
+ build-depends:
+ - gzip
+ - qtwebchannel
url: upstream:qt5/qtwebengine-chromium.git