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This removes support for definitions V6, and adds support for definitions V8. The last release of the Baserock reference system images was 15.47.1, which used definitions V6. Full list of changes: a7f1247 Add support for definitions version 8 9404317 Remove support for definitions version 6 575c40c Adapt integration test to definitions version 7 0ee859a morphloader: simplify API d58d8e8 Unify local and remote repo cache modules 014a029 Get rid of the CachedRepo class (almost) e8a67a7 Hide get_repo() and cache_repo() functions, always use get_updated_repo() bb139ec Fix some test failures Change-Id: Ied8aa209ab8eede2a160c4273f93c15b7ff41793
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build-system: python-distutils
- name: morph
repo: baserock:baserock/morph
- ref: 7067e405a7dad7976a9b7d61ed67fb8bb5042d3c
+ ref: a7f12476d4e7b2025a60be58027b67b9e551f31b
unpetrify-ref: master
build-system: python-distutils