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gnu-toolchain: Remove PATH hack in glibc
We now have /tools at the *end* of the PATH rather than the start (which is how it should have been all a long in stage 3) so glibc's configure script will always find `bash` in /usr/bin before it looks in /tools/bin. This also fixes stage3 glibc building against a stage2 sysroot when there's no symlink from /tools/bin -> /usr/bin. This is required for the current cross-bootstrap method.
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diff --git a/elements/gnu-toolchain/glibc.bst b/elements/gnu-toolchain/glibc.bst
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--- a/elements/gnu-toolchain/glibc.bst
+++ b/elements/gnu-toolchain/glibc.bst
@@ -26,12 +26,6 @@ config:
ARCH_FLAGS="--without-fp" ;;
- # We override the PATH here to remove /tools/bin from it.
- # Thanks to this glibc finds bash in /bin/bash through the /bin
- # symlink. This is important because glibc changes the path to bash
- # of the shebang in some scripts and these scripts will be broken if
- # they point to bash in /tools/bin/bash.
- export PATH="/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin";
export CFLAGS="-O2 $CFLAGS";
cd o && ../configure \