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+name: upgrade-devel
+kind: cluster
+description: |
+ This is a cluster morphology that can be used to deploy systems to a
+ an existing Baserock devel system, as an upgrade of the running system.
+ This method is for users who deployed a system manually from one of the
+ images provided on IT IS ONLY POSSIBLE TO
+ If you deployed your system using `morph deploy` then you should reuse the
+ cluster morphology you did the initial deployment with, instead of this one,
+ so that the configuration is preserved in the new system.
+ Ensure that your root user has passwordless SSH access to localhost with
+ `ssh root@localhost whoami`. If not, run `ssh-copy-id root@localhost`.
+ Make sure the 'morph' field below matches the system you are upgrading.
+ To upgrade, select a sensible a value for VERSION_LABEL and run:
+ morph deploy --upgrade upgrade-devel.morph self.HOSTNAME=$(hostname) self.VERSION_LABEL=$VERSION_LABEL
+ Your configuration in /etc should be propagated to the new system, but there
+ may be merge conflicts. Check /etc for files named '.rej' and '.orig' in the
+ new system, which will indicate that there are changes from the old system
+ that must be merged manually. You can get a nice diff from the old /etc as
+ follows:
+ mount /dev/sda /mnt
+ git diff --no-index /mnt/systems/factory/run/etc /mnt/systems/$VERSION_LABEL/run/etc
+ On a base system, use 'diff -r' instead of 'git diff --no-index'. It will
+ not be as colourful.
+- morph: systems/devel-system-x86_64-generic.morph
+ deploy:
+ self:
+ type: ssh-rsync
+ location: root@localhost