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Migrate to definitions format version 7: add a DEFAULTS file
This is the DEFAULTS file embedded in migrations/, which is exactly the settings that are also built into Morph. I expect the DEFAULTS file used in definitions.git to change over time, but we don't need to keep the one in migrations/ in sync. People who have forked definitions and want to keep their DEFAULTS in line with ours should use `git merge`. So it might seem like migrations/007-defaults-in-definitions script is not useful (`git merge` could have handled adding DEFAULTS, too), but we need to have a migration for *every* version so that you can easily go from V1 to V10, or whatever, without having to do a 'git merge' from definitions.git first. Change-Id: Idf19c31da013eddcf2e1f165086e697ca1805498
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