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@@ -8,22 +8,23 @@ These are some example definitions for use with Baserock tooling. You can fork
this repo and develop your own systems directly within it, or use it as a
reference point when developing your own set of definitions.
-These definitions follow the Baserock definitions format, which is described at
-<>, and also partly in the schemas/
+These definitions follow the Baserock definitions format, which is defined in
+spec.git repository (
+The spec is readable online at <>.
The systems listed in the systems/ directory are example systems
that build and run at some point. The only ones we can be sure
that still build in current master of definitions are the ones that
we keep building in our ci system; they are listed in
Keeping up to date
The Baserock definitions format is evolving. A set of automated migrations is
-provided in the migrations/ directory, for use when the format has changed and
-you want to bring your definitions up to date.
+provided in the migrations/ directory of spec.git, for use when the format has
+changed and you want to bring your definitions up to date.
Before running the migrations, you can use the 'migrations/indent' tool to
format the definitions in the specific style that the migrations expect.
@@ -37,13 +38,15 @@ so you can clearly see what changes they made, and can then choose to either
commit them, tweak them, or revert them with `git reset --hard` and write an
angry email.
-The suggested workflow is:
+The suggested workflow is to run this from within your definitions.git clone:
+ git clone git:// ../spec.git
git status # ensure a clean Git tree
- migrations/indent
+ ../spec/migrations/indent
git diff # check for any spurious changes
git commit -a -m "Fix formatting"
- migrations/run-all
+ ../spec/migrations/run-all
git diff # check the results
git commit -a -m "Migrate to version xx of Baserock definitions format"