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authorSam Thursfield <>2015-05-12 16:17:22 +0000
committerSam Thursfield <>2015-05-12 16:18:30 +0000
commitc3b8dd2b71d2a9d4ce15272b04c1529e0f94df20 (patch)
parent7fffa53c15d6030eb2fcf9af82d22b34398d59c2 (diff)
Update Morph
This includes the following changes: eda5cb2 Explain how to cancel a distbuild eb9e43d distbuild: Set job status to failed when sending exec-cancel 43fed1e Revert "distbuild: Track worker jobs using artifact basename only" aa19fb9 Remove mention of MorphologyFactory in the unit tests 9cc12c9 Clean up artifact serialisation 2d19611 Move duplicate fix_chunk_build_mode function to a common location 1c45305 Enable native-bootstrap to continue build after recovered from fault. fdd6aeb Remove % from debug statement 733d6f9 Add a common func for handling build termination f4360e3 Add GraphProgress messages cc79a6b distbuild: Fix protocol version checking for distbuild commands 5aa34de yarns: Add yarn for morph diff 2d2774a yarns: Add the ability to tag chunks and commit updates to definitions e2e2ede morph: Add morph diff subcommand 812492d morphlib: Add utility module for parsing argv into lists of systems d22a4a2 distbuild: Builds currently break due to job being set twice 4cc7503 SourceResolver: Allow the resolution of multiple systems 43ae0cc LRC: Make get_updated_repo handle multiple refs 5f48a25 MorphologyLoader: Set filename attribute at parse time af5866c morph anchor: Handle updating refs 6aec7d7 morphlib.util: add word_join_list 7fe5c48 yarns: Fix incorrect chunk name in test suite Change-Id: Iaffcdd506dac6a31f1a11d9218afcb7f31b26758
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/strata/morph-utils.morph b/strata/morph-utils.morph
index 0e305560..c024ea63 100644
--- a/strata/morph-utils.morph
+++ b/strata/morph-utils.morph
@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ chunks:
unpetrify-ref: master
- name: morph
repo: baserock:baserock/morph
- ref: 524b17f6a0aba61a80ec7f538d72ad26b8d157a6
+ ref: eda5cb29d0200ee55c0ed50d2afe1a17dbd7577a
unpetrify-ref: master
- cmdtest