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authorSam Thursfield <>2015-04-24 11:51:40 +0100
committerBaserock Gerrit <>2015-04-24 10:56:31 +0000
commit8895d7ace9f409dc18c9706d39d0521b131dd573 (patch)
parent9d4da905a6d93e63c74fdcc0974dcb9fbd0c3c3c (diff)
Update Morph to include:
fe15d7e Calculate the build graph in worker-build 3d87709 Make distbuild use an ArtifactReference not an Artifact internally when 5239f51 Don't serialise the entire build graph aa6dfcb Use --verbose/-v to show build output, --debug/-d for morph debug 124e2f1 distbuild: Add test suite for distbuild-helper 8103617 distbuild: Don't check if there is free disk space on the initiator 9d27007 Add distbuild-trove-nfsboot.write 006096c distbuild: Don't create a directory for build output until we get some 52ff3a3 distbuild: Kill the whole process tree when cancelling a build b2f13f7 deploy: Clean up `morph deploy` documentation a bit f163d9c deploy: Deploy and upgrade systems from the same 'cluster' definition 1c01f18 deploy: Factor out a bit of code into its own function f323af1 distbuild: Move SubprocessEventSource into its own module 40c9378 distbuild: Fix log message when listening for connections Change-Id: I97c38b65db62b0631745ac5d47d572d0218fb9ff
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diff --git a/strata/morph-utils.morph b/strata/morph-utils.morph
index fc1001d8..5befde39 100644
--- a/strata/morph-utils.morph
+++ b/strata/morph-utils.morph
@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ chunks:
unpetrify-ref: master
- name: morph
repo: baserock:baserock/morph
- ref: ab92ce0343b838b336313f604ea035a60dfcb960
+ ref: fe15d7e8386cf571fbce39b7c92c43fff8b8c667
unpetrify-ref: master
- cmdtest