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* Fix qmldir for qmlwebsockets_compatLiang Qi2015-05-221-1/+0
* Changes to integrate the websocket module as a full Qt Add-On moduleSteven Ceuppens2013-09-281-17/+24
* Update .gitignoreSergio Ahumada2013-09-281-0/+11
* Update .gitignore fileSergio Ahumada2013-09-281-50/+17
* Added dev specific files to ignore listKurt Pattyn2013-08-251-0/+39
* Ignore generated documentationKurt Pattyn2013-08-251-0/+1
* Added build specific files to ignore listKurt Pattyn2013-08-221-0/+1
* Ignored build specific outputKurt Pattyn2013-08-121-0/+1
* Ignore generated documentationKurt Pattyn2013-08-101-0/+1
* Excluded report directory from commitKurt Pattyn2013-08-071-0/+1
* Removed duplicate lineKurt Pattyn2013-08-071-1/+0
* Added dev specific files to .gitignoreKurt Pattyn2013-08-071-0/+1
* Ignore dev specific filesKurt Pattyn2013-08-071-0/+2
* Exclude developer specific filesKurt Pattyn2013-08-061-0/+15
* Added development specific files to ignore listKurt Pattyn2013-08-041-0/+7
* Added ignored files and coverity configuration fileKurt Pattyn2013-08-031-0/+6