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* Add config test for winrt pluginMaurice Kalinowski2016-06-101-0/+1
* Remove dependency on libgeoclue.Aaron McCarthy2015-09-101-2/+0
* Add support for Geoclue Satellite interface.Aaron McCarthy2013-08-291-0/+1
* Remove locationd/npe and maemo/meego position backendsAlex Blasche2013-08-061-1/+0
* Fix QtLocation documentationAlex Blasche2013-07-121-6/+0
* use centralized handling of QT_BUILD_PARTSOswald Buddenhagen2012-07-111-25/+4
* Generate QtLocation docs the way all modules do italex2012-06-281-3/+0
* Add config test to detect when to build gypsy backend.Aaron McCarthy2012-06-251-0/+1
* Add config test to detect when to build geoclue backend.Aaron McCarthy2012-06-251-0/+1
* switch to new-style configure testsOswald Buddenhagen2012-06-251-0/+3
* Docs: all docs to be built for QtLocation only.Peter Yard2012-02-271-0/+3
* Don't install tests by default.Rohan McGovern2011-11-161-1/+2
* Update structure of QtLocation documentation.Aaron McCarthy2011-10-251-0/+4
* Merge demos and examples.Casper van Donderen2011-07-111-9/+1
* honour the configure -nomake tests/demos/examples flags in qtlocationAlex2011-06-151-2/+10
* add QtLocation examplesAlex2011-05-191-7/+2
* add most qtlocation module setup filesAlex2011-05-061-0/+28