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Update Mapbox GL docs on the db file name
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@@ -109,6 +109,12 @@ The following table lists optional parameters that can be passed to the Mapbox p
but the offline database must be populated using the \l {}
{offline tool}. The offline database will work alongside with the ambient cache in the same file.
Make sure to comply with Mapbox Terms of Service before creating an offline database.
+ \b {Note:} The map tile cache file name must be "mapboxgl.db". When using the offline tool, the default
+ output is "offline.db". For using the generated output from the offline tool, you must move that to the
+ proper directory, and rename it as "mapboxgl.db". The offline tool also provides the "--output"
+ parameter for specifying the name of the generated output.
\li mapboxgl.mapping.cache.memory
\li Whether or not the cache should be in-memory only. Valid values are \b true and \b false. The default