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* [android] - add make target for ndk-stackTobrun2017-10-121-0/+9
* [build] Shuffle render tests in 'test-node-recycle-map' targetBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-09-211-1/+1
* [android] ignore failed uninstallsIvo van Dongen2017-09-191-3/+3
* [android] make the android release all build batched (#9907)Pablo Guardiola2017-09-051-0/+1
* [test] Enable render tests recycling the map object in node6-clang39-debugBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-08-311-0/+6
* Add {Source,CompositeCamera}Function benchmarks (#9838)Anand Thakker2017-08-291-1/+1
* [android] - add make android-check which wraps checkstyle and lint executionTobrun Van Nuland2017-08-171-0/+4
* [android] - remove wear module from projectTobrun Van Nuland2017-07-271-13/+0
* [android] - add make target for dumping system GFX informationTobrun Van Nuland2017-07-261-0/+5
* [android] - add make target documentationTobrun Van Nuland2017-07-261-18/+25
* [android] add lint using current baseline as starting point (#9318)Pablo Guardiola2017-07-211-0/+12
* [build] Publish node packages with RelWithDebInfoBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-07-141-1/+2
* [build] add address, undefined behavior + thread sanitizerKonstantin Käfer2017-07-131-3/+8
* [build] enable -fvisibility=hidden for iOSKonstantin Käfer2017-07-131-1/+1
* [build] Reuse precomputed WITH_CXX11ABI definition in Qt buildsBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-07-121-2/+2
* [build] add node-benchmark target and xcode schemeIvo van Dongen2017-07-061-0/+8
* [build] use CMake to generate Xcode schemesKonstantin Käfer2017-07-061-30/+1
* Merge branch 'release-ios-v3.6.0-android-v5.1.0'Tobrun2017-07-051-5/+0
| * [ios] Remove old Fabric build infrastructureJason Wray2017-06-141-5/+0
| * [android] Release android-v5.1.0-beta.2 (#8976)Tobrun2017-05-121-1/+1
* | [build] Use gdb 2017-04-08-aebcde5Bruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-05-171-1/+2
* | [android] fix ui test filter in makefileIvo van Dongen2017-05-111-1/+1
* [build] Added 'mbgl-loop-uv' to 'linux-core' targetBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-05-021-1/+1
* [build] Added linux-coreBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-04-271-0/+4
* [build] Control libstdc++ usage via WITH_CXX11ABIBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-04-271-1/+2
* [build] Fix 'Command not found' message on LinuxBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-04-271-1/+1
* [android] use AAssetManager instead of libzipKonstantin Käfer2017-04-241-4/+0
* [android] add second pipe character to fix errors detecting nodejsKonstantin Käfer2017-04-111-1/+1
* [build] Use 'nodejs' if 'node' is not found in android-configurationBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-04-101-2/+2
* [build] Autodetect Qt{4,5}Bruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-03-231-8/+12
* [android] move build to Android StudioKonstantin Käfer2017-03-171-97/+92
* [build] move ABI version awareness to mason.cmakeKonstantin Käfer2017-03-171-4/+2
* [build] add Makefile target for opening Android Studio project on macOSKonstantin Käfer2017-03-101-0/+6
* [Qt] Remove the QML appThiago Marcos P. Santos2017-03-061-9/+0
* [build] use node-cmake 2.xKonstantin Käfer2017-02-221-5/+0
* [build] use system-provided Android NDK when availableKonstantin Käfer2017-02-221-35/+51
* [android] - uninstall current apk on test device before running a make run- c...Tobrun2017-02-221-1/+4
* [Qt] Document QMapbox + qdoc fixesBruno de Oliveira Abinader2017-02-221-1/+1
* [android] add make android-help target (#8087)Justin R. Miller2017-02-201-0/+22
* [tests] Disable timing-based Timer tests in CIJohn Firebaugh2017-02-151-5/+2
* [build] Remove Mason submodule in favor of CMake masonKonstantin Käfer2017-02-081-45/+40
* [build, ios, macos] Simplify version portion of user agent stringJohn Firebaugh2017-02-081-2/+0
* [core] Check in generated shader codeJohn Firebaugh2017-02-071-0/+1
* [core] remove trailing whitespace, add trailing newlines, add space after //Konstantin Käfer2017-01-271-0/+4
* [android] - add make target for javadoc (#7868)Tobrun2017-01-261-0/+4
* Merge branch 'release-ios-v3.4.0' into 1ec5-release-ios-v3.4.0-beta.7Minh Nguyễn2017-01-161-0/+9
| * [macos] Upgrade macOS deployment and distribution (#7649)macos-v0.3.0-rc.1Minh Nguyễn2017-01-151-0/+4
| * [ios, macos] Insert example code in original headers (#7569)Minh Nguyễn2017-01-041-0/+4
| * [linux] Added OSMesa headless backendBruno de Oliveira Abinader2016-11-131-1/+2
* | [build] Upgrade clang-tidy and clang-formatJohn Firebaugh2017-01-131-4/+4