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* [ios] Canned spam coming from TransifexMinh Nguyễn2017-09-141-1/+1
* [android, ios, macos] Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian and other localization up...Minh Nguyễn2017-09-121-0/+7
* [ios] Configured stringsdict from TransifexMinh Nguyễn2017-05-081-1/+11
* [android, ios, macos] Rearranged keys in tx configMinh Nguyễn2017-05-021-5/+5
* [android] - Transifex intregration and Dutch translations. (#8556)Tobrun2017-03-301-1/+11
* [ios, macos] Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Swedish, VietnameseMinh Nguyễn2017-02-091-1/+1
* [ios, macos] Automated pulling translations from TransifexMinh Nguyễn2017-02-031-0/+25