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diff --git a/include/mbgl/renderer/renderer_backend.hpp b/include/mbgl/renderer/renderer_backend.hpp
index c12e162fd1..f7d19a1791 100644
--- a/include/mbgl/renderer/renderer_backend.hpp
+++ b/include/mbgl/renderer/renderer_backend.hpp
@@ -1,6 +1,5 @@
#pragma once
-#include <mbgl/map/view.hpp>
#include <mbgl/renderer/backend_scope.hpp>
#include <mbgl/util/image.hpp>
#include <mbgl/util/size.hpp>
@@ -30,6 +29,12 @@ public:
// Called prior to rendering to update the internally assumed OpenGL state.
virtual void updateAssumedState() = 0;
+ // Called when this backend is used for rendering. Implementations should ensure that a renderable
+ // object is bound and glClear/glDraw* calls can be done. They should also make sure that
+ // calling .bind() repeatedly is a no-op and that the appropriate gl::Context values are
+ // set to the current state.
+ virtual void bind() = 0;
// Called with the name of an OpenGL extension that should be loaded. RendererBackend implementations
// must call the API-specific version that obtains the function pointer for this function,