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@@ -63,6 +63,9 @@ Known issues:
- Fixed an issue that incorrectly expanded the tappable area of an annotation and prevented the annotation’s alignment rect insets from having any effect on the tappable area. ([#3898](
- Fixed an issue preventing `-[MGLMapViewDelegate mapView:tapOnCalloutForAnnotation:]` from being called when a non-custom callout view is tapped. ([#3875](
+- Polygons and polylines now default to using the map view's tint color. ([#4028](
+- The Improve This Map tool now uses the same zoom level that is currently being shown in the map view. ([#4068](
## iOS 3.1.0
- The SDK is now distributed as a dynamic framework instead of a static library, resulting in a simpler installation workflow and significantly reduced download size. The framework contains both simulator and device content. If you install the dynamic framework manually, you’ll need to strip out the simulator content before submitting your application to the App Store due to [an Xcode bug](; see the installation instructions included with the framework for details. ([#3183](