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Please note the special instructions for contributing new source code files, asset files, or user-facing strings to the [iOS SDK](platform/ios/ or [macOS SDK](platform/macos/
+### Github Issue Labels
+Our labeling system is
+ - **minimalistic:** Labels' usefulness are inversely proportional to how many we have.
+ - **objective:** Labels should be objective enough that any two people would agree on a labeling decision.
+ - **useful:** Labels should track state or capture semantic meaning that would otherwise be hard to search.
+We have divided our labels into categories to make them easier to use.
+ - platform (purple)
+ - type (blue)
+ - actionable status (red)
+ - non-actionable status (grey)
+ - importance / urgency (green)
+ - topic / project / misc (yellow)
# Code of conduct
Everyone is invited to participate in Mapbox’s open source projects and public discussions: we want to create a welcoming and friendly environment. Harassment of participants or other unethical and unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated in our spaces. The [Contributor Covenant]( applies to all projects under the Mapbox organization and we ask that you please read [the full text](